Saturday, May 20, 2017

Three weeks ago, I was involved in an acapella rendition of a medley of three hymns that reflected God's faithfulness of my church's 50th anniversary. I enjoyed arranging it as there are so many possibilities of how it could sound like, and there is no limit. Lovely. It was an interesting journey to reflect on God's faithfulness over da years; 

the five of us attempted it 

my pals! what am i to do without them

we were all so nervous before we went on stage

one of the priceless joys in life - music and being able to jam with talented youth

nerve-wrecking doesn't quite describe it

this is my favourite shot

Pictures courtesy from Aunty Mei Ling and uncle CF. 

I am SO THANKFUL there is a two-week break from school. HALLELUJAH. 

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