Thursday, April 27, 2017

I'm so saddened and angry at the recent abuse case in a religious school, resulting the poor victim to pass on. 

like, what the heck???? i can't even fathom the entirety of this case. why didnt his parents respond to his pleas? did they not take him seriously, just because it's a religious school, and general perception reagrds religious teachers as pious, even in their actions towards children?

i'm so sad and angry, i can't do anything. this is terrible. I really, really hope the convicted "religious" teacher gets his rightful sentence.

what a rude awakening to the realities of schools in malaysia. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

recently my hermit mode was shaken because some friends called for a meet-up, and i haven't seen them in years. But when i did meet them, i actually had a good time catching up and reminiscing all the fun times we had - 8 years ago! man, that seemed so long ago.

towards the end of the meetup, we delved into a deep discussion about God, our beliefs, and pent up angst. it struck a chord to hear her say she is bitterly angry at God because of something personal that happened. I .. .didnt know how to react, but to just sit there, listen, and be there for her. We all hear stuff on the pulpit about people cursing God when tough times come, but never for one second have I ever thought it would happen so close to home.

I held back my tears as I listened, and throughout the journey home, what she said, and what she felt kept playing in my head, as I try to understand her bitterness and how i should respond - or how should i have responded. I've never felt such intense honesty and pain before coming from someone, and it hurts me to see her hurting.

All i will do is to pray as she heads back and i hope, something good will come out of this. 

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

When i saw this i snickered. feel free to cringe, or laugh together with me hahaha

Friday, March 31, 2017

The recent issue on a primary Pendidikan Moral paper that received attention because it required students to match names to places of worship is really... a big sigh. The system is already not great to begin with, and to see such lack of preparation and sensitivity in preparing an exam paper is really an embarrassment to the teaching profession. It's as though the exam paper was haphazardly designed. Who would tailor such questions really? Issues like this will make the public generalize that government teachers are not fit to be teachers, making the stigma grow instead of eradicating it. All it takes is one rotten apple to light a spark that causes a whole forest to be in flames, in an instant. Gosh.

This is a reminder to me, to take pride in my profession and not to contribute to the (many) bad apples out there. Grr thinking about this makes me angry. 

Can someone just give the teacher the rightful disciplinary action? Because if no action is taken, there will be no lesson to learn, and the conundrum remains. 

Saturday, March 04, 2017

When i have random spurts of thought I will blog. Like now:

it's difficult to be hardworking cuz it requires so many things we don't want to do: diligence, patience, endurance, grit. Well, the only person between yourself and hardwork is YOU. 

So get moving. Wake up TM

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Had one of the busiest weeks this week; lack of sleep, non-stop action, MC-ing, corresponding with VIPs etc. Made me feel exhausted, spent, tired and discouraged I could not focus on my research.

After a tiring two-day run, I dreaded going for the meet with my supervisors because i wana go for the meeting feeling excited, fresh and rejuvenated, not tired and discouraged. But the things he had to say greatly encouraged me, reminding me to persevere on and to work hard.

I hope i keep going and staying afloat!