Friday, February 26, 2016

one of a kind

In life, it's the people we meet that inspire, excite, motivate and captivate us. One such person is my current lecturer, Dr. David. 4 hours of his class and I literally can't take my eyes off him because he's that exuberant and lively, coupled with the fact that he knows his stuff freaking well. he gets excited over research and the processes involved in it and his excitement is contagious and spell-binding. Gosh.. I've never come across a lecturer like him who loves his work with a fervent passion and is elated to pass on knowledge to his students. Basically he loves devouring knowledge.

Meeting a lecturer like him stirs the inquisitive spirit in me that has been laying dormant for far too long, waiting to be awakened. And because of his fervour and high standards that he sets, we are motivated to achieve and to test our limits, whether it can still be pushed further. this blog post does no justice to his excellent work and brilliance in his field and as a person of wisdom.

Haha well that pretty sums up the most exciting encounter in my week. But seriously, it's really the people we meet that inspire us, right? in small or big ways. our circle of friends matter too. If we surround ourselves with friends who only think about korean dramas, gossip, shopping and eating the best food in town, then where is the growth in maturity? Ok la we do need some of these but there ought to be a good balance between light, no-brainer fluff and heavy, thought-provoking questions about life, albeit it's perfectly fine if the scale tips towards the latter.

ah well.. welcome to the daily ponderings that goes on in my introverted mind. gah

Monday, February 15, 2016

hello... it's been a while since i've blogged. 

my cny was a quiet one; went back to parents' hometown and came back to a quiet PJ. I like PJ when there's less cars. Very easy to drive around (especially places like ss2). i have  one more week of sem break before the new sem begins :S sigh. i always question my decision but I guess I'll trudge on since one leg is in already.

and guess what, we're in Feb already omg... can't believe January flew by just like that. where has time gone to?! i do hope i'm making memories to be kept rather than living day by day without remembering anything. or! i could do a daily journal about significant/insignificant events tht happen in a day... if i'm not lazy :P

i feel like the flow of my blog post is terpesong la.. no structure but very random. losing my blogging mojo. i tend to wonder what are my uni mates up to.. have they started working? or continuing with postgrad? or taking a break and doing some soul-searching/travelling? whatever it is, this year is a new year for us with many new things like making new friends etc... it's the circle of life that never sleeps T.T

ok i bid you farewell for now.. i dont know what else to talk about ;p