Monday, April 28, 2014


Four days ago, I saw this book lying on my room desk that I bought frm kinokuniya weeks ago and I told myself not to pick it up to read or else I'll never put it down. But it was a good decision because the book is so compelling that it's a page-turner on its own. Introducing the amazing book, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. 
Status: Highly Recommended. Rating: 9/10. This book is so gripping that despite my busy schedule, I devoured it in 4days and honestly I thought I would take maybe a week to finish it because this book is thick and its words are small. But you know it's a good book when you absolutely can't put it down and you're turning page after page to know what happens to the guy in the picture, Louie Zampirini. 

A true story of a rascal who grew up to be an Olympian runner and then a soldier who got cast away in the sea for forty days, got captured by the Japanese and was tortured, enslaved and then escaped the Jap soldiers, became a drunkard and how, in the end, he survived ALL. Hence the title, Unbroken. A very, very inspiring and captivating book that I highly recommend. It has easily become one of my favourite books. :) am still reeling from its brilliantly crafted story.

Week 10 is here and oh, I got smk bukit bintang, boys' school as my teaching practical place. Yay or nay, all I can say is I am thankful for a nearby school and a good and understanding supervisor. May God leadeth me through this journey.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the midst of busyness, stop and find peace.