Tuesday, November 29, 2011

busy busy bee. i have to juggle between studies and church choir, college choir, persatuan tahun baru cina (PTBC) and assignments -_- not easy, but so far i'm surviving, but occasionally I feel a wee bit tired, and a slight pounding of the head. Who said uni was easy hee.

Will I get busier in 2012?

Only God knows.

on a different note, I have some decisions to make...and pray about... should I? Am I available? Will I commit to it? Can I balance between serving in church and in this?

Thoughts. =)

Ok. I'm off to bathe. bye

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fav :)

I love this song. I want it played during my wedding

Boot camp

I'm back from the camp!! :) Feels really good to be back. I'm just gona write my experiences in point form k. Easier to read.

1. It was a tough adventure camp for me, but the experience is priceless. Night-walking, water confidence/water-rafting, flying fox and jungle trekking. Was a lil takut but I thank God I survived all of it. I can't swim and am afraid of the dark so the water-confidence and night walk were a little tougher than the rest.
2) the toilets there - open aired, nothing like the city toilets. nuff said
3) we stayed in huts without fans. Huts made out of wood ( i think). And they're not even chalets like the organizers claimed! but it was ok. bearable lah
4) i bonded with many other tesl people besides dear nadia :) and this was the best thing that happened in camp! hopefully our friendship remain
5) on the way back the bus driver lost the way -_-" i was a bit bummed out coz i was be late for choir
6) thankfully I didn't have any leeches on me after jungle-trekking.
yeah i think that's all. It was a hardcore adventure trip with little sleep. But it was a once in a lifetime experience. :)

Back to assignments!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Going for a camping trip tomorrow until sunday with my coursemates. It's compulsory though so it looks like I ain't got a choice. I shall enjoy it while I'm there, and look forward to comin bk from the camp.

kind of tired, but oh well. sleep needed. (:

"how was your day today?"

"not good."

*tearing up*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

we're together again...

I feel like I'm becoming busier. Assignments to do, some studying to do (seriously this is important), church and college choir practices (which fall on wednesdays. Which to choose?), caroling practices (only until next week) and a camping trip to go to on this friday til sunday. But with God's strength I'll be able to pull through. Yes I can.

Outing with mikha and nadia today was pretty ok. Mikha, being a gentleman decided to treat nadia and I to lunch ;) yay! It was refreshing to be away from UM food haha.

christmas is coming. preparation for choir is becoming a wee bit intense, but bearable of course. through choir i got to know a lot more about the people innit, and i felt a sense of 'togetherness' if there's such a word. in a month's time christmas will come and gone, we'll disperse off and the 'fellowship of the ring' will be broken, but in september or so, the 'fellowship' will be united again with new or old members. but in the meantime, let's enjoy this fellowship under the One whom we sing to. =D

exciting moments in december! can't wait. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

pic from weheartit on 'icecream'. =) haha i search for the most random stuff.

lately i've been wanting to try starbucks' toffee nut frappuccino. friend said it tasted nothing but amazing. ok i shall! hee.

one thing, i shall try not to do work on sunday, starting from tomorrow. why? because sunday is the sabbath! a day of rest. "therapeutic". <-from a senior.

yeah. i'm gona do that!

Friday, November 18, 2011

there must be more than this..

there must be more to assignments and the normal routines of uni. There must, and I believe there is.

there must be more than this
O breath of God come breathe within
....fill us anew we pray

Thursday, November 17, 2011

and everyday...

when stressed, take a deep breath, close your eyes and say, God, please help me.

don't worry I'm not that stressed up. I feel some pressure, but not that stressed - YET. December will be quite a month for me - preps for exams in Jan, helping out in yf camp & christmas choir. and not forgetting practising my driving skills. :) and assignments.

whoever says uni is easy after going through form6? Even my brother said uni is so much more tougher than F6. And in a way I have to agree. F6 doesn't have assignments. It's just studying and studying like mad. But uni, it's different. You have to be do well in assignments as well as exams. Like whuttt..?

Happiness is to know the saviour
Living a life within His favor
Having a change in my behaviour
Happiness is the Lord
Real joy is mine
no matter if teardrops start
i've found the secret
it's Jesus in my heart...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I got rhythm

I got rhythm, I got music...who could ask for anything more? - ella fitgerald

urgh Linguistics. I need to master you. :( I don't wana be lost in the next class. Why are you complicated in your own way?

Writing about literature, you're my fav subject. :) I wish I could study you in depth. But my course allows us to study you on the surface only, unless if I switch to English Lit under Arts & Social Sciences.

Should I? Tempting. I saw their list of stuff they're gona learn. So interesting. Better than my current course. =( switch or not to switch? but then, if I do I'll miss a semester in the Eng Lit dept, I'll have to do so many changes and registrations etc.

I still remembered what a mentor frm church told me when I told him about this before i enter uni: If you really want to change course, then why not? I think going through the hassle is worth it, if it means being in the course that you REALLY like.


Monday, November 14, 2011

back to routine

Semester break is over and it's back once again to the normalities of uni life until the study break comes which is on the 24th dec - 2nd Jan. 24th dec?! That's a day before christmas. :( I won't be able to enjoy December. Right after christmas I have to study for my exams SIGH.

The feeling of dread was on me the day before coming back here. I felt so urgh, so blurgh and eek and pfft about going through lectures and lectures and blabla. But then yesterday night before I sleep I thought, hey, why so negative? Be positive la.. I have God with me through the seasons, through bad and good times. It's not that bad really. It's my mindset. sighs. "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged". Deut 31:8. this verse is pinned up on my wall in my room in uni. An assurance I need to look before I go out for classes everyday haha

tomorrow i'm going for a 'vocal testing' for my college's choir team. er, i'm sure vocal testing means audition right. on a sunnier note, I get to go home every wednesday nights because I have church choir practice! this means, I can have home cooked food once on weekdays (yay). TQ Lord

Friday, November 11, 2011

why so short

I'm calling the best friend tomorrow to have a nice chat. =) It's been a while since I spoke with szewei since I entered uni.

anyway....my semester break is ending. and, i suppose it's not enough for me haha. <-greedy. The break has passed by so fast I can't believe it's a Flyday already and after the weekend it's back to lectures again. argh... someone, please tell me it's going to be ok, that I'll be able to adjust back to the normal routine of lectures and blabla. =/

I want to go on a makan trip to penang or somewhere other than PJ with some friends! Wana go to the beach too. Love the feeling of tiny grains of sand sinking to my weight. That would be really fun. i should organize a trip soon with nadia & co.

i realized that when i entered uni, I'm able to think much much more and my opinions are different from my parents. It shows that I'm able to think for myself instead of them thinking for me! yay. *achievement. Like sometimes, I see things in a different perspective compared to them, because they're from a different era, and were raised differently. Whereas for me, I'm much more open-minded than them. Which I think it's a very good thing. :)

just sayin'. ;) okays i'm off now, got a wedding to attend tomorrow. pretty excited ;)

all the best to spm&stpm people. ;) just to let you know that the war's gona be over, so hang in there. and then one day you can, like me, look back and say, "Hey i've been there done that!" <-this is especially for stpm peeps because stpm is one ride that IS SO NOT easy. so to survive stpm, (and uni) is . a blessing. :D

Decisions to make. To do it or not to do it?

To push fear aside and step out or to sit in my comfort zone and let fear be my friend?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

dress + ring

I was planning not to blog everyday but since today isn't the typical boring Thursday where I stay at home and bum, I shall blog ;) bear with me ya haha.

I have renewed my license after so long! :) I'm a Competent driver (no more P) for at least 5 years yesh. =)))))))) *happy* and I went out shopping with xianjing to shop for her dress for The Wedding. Had fun with her walking from A to Z, and I just found out that Nose has pretty nice and reasonably priced shoes. It shall be the nxt plce for me to shop!

And I bought a ring from forever21 to spice up my very plain but nice dress (yep it's plain. and grey in colour, which adds to the plain-ness). XJ bought this nice shapely dress frm there too..but at the end of the day it's about the fellowship with her..getting to see her crazy side (tsk tsk) :P lols. but it was fun. :) really, u shud go out with her 2

k lah. bye. urgh my blog lacks depth. Quite shallow. =p On certain days it has some isi, but on certain days like today it's just the surface of how my day has been. ta

Wednesday, November 09, 2011



ok so I decided to have this little to-do list that has no expiry date (hehe):

1) do my assignments with enthusiasm and to the very best, and not do it for the sake of doing it.
2) er..study?
3) visit PD beach with friends.
4) be a good testimony
5) try new things (i've said this gazillions of times)
6) be a good person. inside out
7) go on a holiday trip (to penang or wherever) with friends!
8) practice my driving until the level of nirvana. or perfection
9) have sleepovers with nadia and the lot.
10) buy some nice clothing. Consumerism. :(
11) to reach the "level of awesomeness"(jo's quote, not mine!) when playing piano. this one quite hard because I can't play like a pro yet. but still, I'm thankful la to God for this talent in the music area. It's the only thing I like and enjoy doing, compared to studies lol

erm. that's all I can think...for now? bye, tomorrow I'm going to renew my P License to a normal one. Yay happy. :) then if got time I am temaning the woman, xianJing for dress-shopping for YS's wedding. which falls on a saturday. In two days' time eek so fast

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Day 2 of semester break.

i've been cracking my brain on how to do my linguistics assignment. The questions aren't even complete (and not exactly grammatically correct either). This is by far the toughest assignment I've to battle with. And I'm determined to win the war. :(

Other than assignments, I'm doing good, thank you for asking. :) I've been chilling at home and finding my zen to face uni next week. lol.

Should I go back for youth camp to help out? hmm. I think, at the end of the day I feel that I'm gonna say yes, but for now I'm procrastinating (nothing new here) again.

my display pic on my laptop is this :) hahaha i'm so unbelievable right.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


I think I'm lactose intolerant. :( This afternoon I was eating Cheerios with milk and now my tummy doesn't feel so good. I think it's 'cause I didn't drink milk for a long while so that's how it happened. <-- random fact #1.

Bleurgh I don't feel so good. Why did I drink the milk ;( uck.

I can't believe November has arrived. 2011 has whizzed by so swiftly I still cannot fathom that the year's coming to an end, that I've been through stpm, got my results, worked part time and am in uni by God's grace. I did many new things in 2011, mostly church related stuff. And I'm blessed as to how far I've come since form5. I can safely say I've come a long, long, looong way, grew from strength to strength, learnt many amazing things from amazing people, had some falls and down moments but that taught me valuable lessons.

I'm contented by the truckload of experiences I've gained since form5 because it has helped me so much, in every way possible. But there's one thing I know for sure; there will be many more experiences to be gained in uni as well as in church. =) Thank God for wonderful and kind people I've met along the way, mentors I look up to, peeps who give me some good advice during the period before entering uni. =)

sem break, you have arrived! *opens a tub of icecream and feed on it* things to do:
1) brush up my piano skills. <- after hearing da mentor play, mine pales in comparison to him.
2) watch TV. apparently they don't have the shows I want in UM. Yes, there's a TV somewhere but they play weird shows.
3) indulge in home-cooked food. Nothing beats this lah. FTW
4) hang out with 'neglected' buddies :( and call up the best friend.
5) Relax. Take it easy.
6) Do assignments. :/ What a killjoy.

my tummy doesn't feel so uncomfortable now.<-random fact #2.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

listen to it! :) happy holidays. I shall blog about my outing with my seniors tomorrow or something la. kthxbai

Friday, November 04, 2011

Dare..to move.

In these 4 years here in uni, I plan to try out new things and step out from where my comfort zone is. I know I've said this like a gazillion times, but ... somehow, writing it here acts as a reminder for me whenever I want to read all my blog posts. But whenever I plan to step out, fear holds me back. A lot of what if's. Some doubts. It happens every single time you know. I don't know when will I be able to overcome all these and just, step out without any distracting thoughts.

Then again, to easily step out from my comfort zone is a process, not like a snap of my fingers and voila, I'm outa my zone with ease. It's a process of overcoming fear, changing of the mindset, being positive and having faith that He is there with me all the way. Yeah. I think that's that. bleurgh..I need courage.

swee kit gave me a journal book to journal everything that I'm gona go through in these 4 years so that when I graduate, I can read back all my rants and whatnots to see how far and how much I've come to grow. :) I hope it will be quite a big leap of change.

thank you God for the sem break. It is much needed to break away from the routines of The Hole. btw, The Hole refers to uni. haha.. can't wait to catch up with some close friends I have neglected :( sorry.. uni is quite draining.

so. here's to a happy and fun break!

I dare you to move
I dare you do move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Life today never happened
Today never happened before...

Thursday, November 03, 2011

He is greater than all things

And so i found out that eventhough we were given semester break, it is not given out of compassion or pity for those who stay so far so that they can go home. And it is not given free of charge either. (nothing is free in this world. Not even sem break!) There're strings attached: assignments. :( so i guess a sem break isn't a break after all. Nah, it's not all that bad lah. I'm glad there's a sem break so that I can be away from The Hole and back to My Crib.

the view's pretty nice right from my room. You can see some skyscrapers from here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Today has been a really rainy day. It rained heavily from 5pm til 7pm, and now it's raining again at night. It rarely rains at night though. I suppose the rainy season is here. :(

In uni, rain makes me feel thankful to be sheltered safely in my room. Like this evening, I was walking back from my faculty and about 5 minutes to my college it started to drizzle, but not heavily. The rain started to show its true colours only when I was already protected by the rain and was walking up the stairs to my dorm.

I thank God for waiting for me to reach the shade before letting it rain. ;) And as I reached my room, I looked out my room window and saw the rain falling heavily as if buckets and buckets of water being poured down at a fast speed from above.


But now there's only a slight drizzle as I open my room window. Rain, in uni, sets me in a more contemplative and reflective mood. :) whee. today so far has been pretty good. The bus driver was cheery & made jokes some more despite the packed bus (which made my morning not so dull), my loan was settled (really thank God that it went smoothly), I ate a pretty yummy chicken chop at a relatively reasonable price (I didn't even eat dinner coz it's so filling) and how I wasn't caught under the heavy rain today.

I should take a picture of my the view I get from my room windows. It is magnificent and sometimes quite breathtaking. =) so, wait for the picture ya!