Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just like every other year, 2013 was the year where I made new friendships, strengthen some but lost one or two along the way. Not exactly lost, but the friendships weren't as strong as before. Time changes things and people and perhaps the lack of communication weakened the bond. But I've also strengthened some with quite a number of friends I thought I'd never be close with, and i'm surprised and glad at how well it's going :) I lose some, I win some. 

Ok time for some pics: 
Had a good chat about life with them. I like talking with older people bcoz i learn to grow and mature and they broaden my perspective in life. Also we all agreed that we can share our lives better with smaller groups (coz we're all introverts haha) rather than in big crowds.

Christmas '13 with my choir peeps. It was a good experience leading. I've learnt so much and am really thankful for the few who were supportive in choir, who gave feedback, who helped out when I was too tired or stressed or didnt knw what to do... thank you (theyre in the pic..of course).

With my fav sista. We knew each other back in our form 6 days but we got much closer in uni. We talk about random things from movies to music to scully and mulder. :P she's loved by all!

This was one of the highlights of sem 5; berbonding time. We had waited for this for so long as we didnt have the chance to hang outside classes coz we were all so tied up. Michelle and I were so excited that we hope it will still jadi eventhough people were pulling out last minute. In the end it happened & twas a really good time of getting to know one another more. Good berbonding.

The four of us. We talk and laugh about random things.There was once we used the audio in our whtsapp chat & talked for hours. lol. and we took pics of wherever we were/wht we were doing and shared it in our chat. haha. My comfortable and sakai bunch of people.

Cheers to the friendships God has abundantly blessed me with! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

week 14 has passed! Yay! But the storm will only pass after finals. Ah well.. This semester flew by real fast, maybe coz I had nonstop assignments and choir practices. The weeks just kept coming and going that by the time I realize it, I'm in the last week already.

What a hectic semester it has been. Juggling choir and assignments was not easy but I thank God I managed to pull through and I felt that my time management was better haha. Like when I know I have practices on thurs and sun nights, I made sure I finish my assignments before those nights and that gave me a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. I like that :) 

I remembered one of the days last week was my first day ever where I could just wake up without having to worry about choir/assignments etc. I think that day was a day with no lectures or choir practices. I really had nothing to do and I felt kind of lost, like I needed something to do, to keep me occupied. I forgot what it felt like to have nothing on my schedule and when that happens, I felt a bit weird and couldn't get used to it. But it was a good feeling, nonetheless :) 

As christmas comes tomorrow, it will be the last time choir will be singing those songs, or the last of our practices. I feel relieved that it's ending, but also kind of sad too, all the fun and hard work will just be memories. A bittersweet moment indeed. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. Cheers. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

sing noel

Have yourself a merry little christmas, and may we not forget the true meaning of xmas :) thank You for coming into our world.

Week 14 and it's the final week of everything! Busy bee right now but sometimes I like this adrenaline rush & sometimes I dont. I jst wana crawl in my bed and shut out the world. blek. Or read a good book with coffee. 

Have a good pre-xmas week! i gotta dash now to do my work sigh. Blogging is one of the avenues for me to chill and gather my thoughts. haha. 

Monday, December 02, 2013

sampai dah December

everyone is saying bye Nov and hi dec. haha me too, Hello dec, u've arrived too soon but it's good because you make us reflect back on the past 11 months. Can't believe it's almost the end of 2013. It just seemed like yesterday was the beginning of '13 and lookie now, we're almost finishing the race. 

Can't believe too that it's been 2 months since the first choir prac started. Cepat. Our performance is drawing near and I can't help but worry over many things - small and big. However I'm reminded that God lives in me and He is my source of trust n strength. very thankful to those who've encouraged and gave me pointers during these 2 months. It helped me learn from my mistakes. :) 

so ironic, who would have thunk Dec is the busiest month of em all with xmas, easter production thingy and juggling my studies. All a student's life lah as they say. 

Have a good month, yall. 

btw, three glasses of Sangria gave me a minor skin rash. -.-" I know im not a very good drinker but rash?! huhu. this ain't the first time. I think it's an Asian thing.