Tuesday, June 30, 2015

She had with her a bag full of excuses;
we were all used to that nonsense.
One after another it came
until we told ourselves things will never be the same.
Thrice she stood up,
thrice she covered up.
Thrice we stood waiting,
thrice we left, silently complaining.

Could there be a deeper reason
for her self-seeking treason?
Perhaps she suffers from depression;
oh, what a perfect deception!
What if she has the monthly bloodbath?
Why, that would be right up Vladimir's path!
Or perhaps it's just her lazy bone
that refuses to budge from her self-righteous throne.


* * *
Wow I never knew rhyming can be such fun. :) Imma do this again, sometime. 

University has ended; a closed chapter. Bittersweet feelings as I close this door. Sweet memories that can only accompany new beginnings, new priorities, new goals.

Cheers, all. All the best in your own future undertakings. Take that leap of faith, take that plunge. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

As my final exam paper approaches that signifies the end of my undergraduate life, I can't help but feel the weight of reality weighing heavily on my shoulders. Things are gona be different after uni. No more spoon-feeding, no more soft-cushioning your fall. I don't know if I'm ready for this but ready or not, the plunge has to be taken anyway.

The path is foggy, but imma just try and see which ball hits the jackpot. Have faith and trust in God who holds my future.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Today while driving to church in the morning, I thought casually to myself, "i hope today's service will be meaningful." indirectly I was asking God to say something (?) or give some assurance or direction, particularly in my plans after uni which I have no clue on what to do.

During the sermon, the elder shared timely reminders on loving God, putting Him first and always reconnecting with God because if we don't, we'll drift away in the stream of the world. Then down the line he said "Trust God in your career, your service, etc.. " 

And I knew that that was the reminder & assurance I needed. 

No matter which direction I would choose, all I need to do is to trust Him. 

"when I am afraid, I will trust in you." (Psalm 56:3) 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My brother had this picture (below) on our house desktop wallpaper for months and now I took the initiative to download this. Recently I  finally saw the true colours of a friend who treated me as her 'friend in need' only.I decided not to let anger override me because it ain't worth it man being angry over this issue. Not everyone is a true blue friend. I can accept that and I'm happy to let this one go.

So that was when I remembered this pic. tee hee

Click the picture for better viewing! Hopefully the words can be seen 

Lookie here! I found something on the net: the types of people you meet when doing group assignments. This is interesting. Click to enlarge to see it clearer.


and now, ladies and gentlemen, this is me below. All the time:

4 years of the above made my eyes sakit. I'm the resident proofreader in all assignments. But alas, it has come to an end. Not much words can be said, 'cept bring me the finest wine you have and let us celebrate victory over the bondage of grammar errors! *cheers*

So which are you? ;)

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Yesterday was my final lecture as an undergrad. To be honest I wasn't feeling anything much when the lesson was on but after that when we were snapping pics with our lecturer, a sudden feeling came over me. Sad? No. Happy? No too. It was more like ... bittersweet. 

Partly because I felt kesian for my lecturer. He's a visiting korean lecturer and has been in Msia for about 8 years and he mentioned in Aug he is leaving, And he loves it here more than his home country. 

And throughout the day this was hovering in my mind very subtly. At night, I chatted with my bro about this and told him that my lecturer said the people in my his home country are very selfish and that he (my lecturer) feels a sense of discontentment with his own people, especially with higher powers. My bro agreed and said that many migrated out of that country to seek hope. He also added Korea came about from nothing. Nothing...

...which refreshed my memory that Korea was robbed by stronger powers like China and Japan and later on had to split into two sumore, so colonization really stripped everything from her. My bro added that Korean people suffered very much, and I couldn't agree more with that after hearing all my lecturer has told us. Today, they've built themselves up into one of the most fast-paced and modern countries, almost similar to their 'enemy', Japan.

But yet there are a few, if not many who're still disgruntled with the way it's being run. :/ That's why the last class yest had a deeper effect on me. It made me ponder on colonization, helpless countries and most importantly the  detrimental effect of war on people and how much they've suffered.
 Quoting my lecturer, "History is important... so that we do not repeat it." 

What a thoughtful way to end my final lecture as an undergrad and a blessing in disguise indeed :) 

(I chanced upon this on FB from one of the students in this class who tagged my other friend in another picture. :P )