Thursday, May 31, 2012

in which quirky music surpasses all understanding

as of late, i've been drowning in music i thought i'll never listen to in a million years; music not many people dig, music i once found too weird and boring, music fit for weirdos. haha! but look at me now. bands like foster the people, the weepies, the bird and the bee, deathcab for cutie, joshua radin, the civil wars - i overlooked them because they're not in the mainstream music scene/not famous. But man they churn out great/quirky/queer/soothing music that's SO good, so captivating, so head-nodding-ish. 

and you know what, i loved it. :) i love this drastic change that's currently happening in my music storage. I think i'm trying to listen to different genres of music to expand my musicality. 

listening to these kind of music makes me cringe whenever i listen to mainstream music. well not all mainstream music are terrible but...u get what i'm sayin right. and i have very few friends who like these kind of music, but hey at least there's a common topic (& an interesting one) to talk about. nadiahh now i know your weird obsession! *clinks champagne glass*

cheers to indie music. you're like a drug to me. <3

i chanced upon this video and i'm impressed. see the lead singer, drummer and bassist all bobbing/nodding their heads as if in a trance-like state? i gather that they're so immersed and caught up enjoying the music that they instinctively did that. mmhmm tht's what i'm talking about.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am officially a:

*throws confetti* time to celebrate my rights as an official voter.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

in retrospect..

winding down today's day with good soothing music. one of the best moments in the world. wouldn't trade it for anything.

i've learned some things today. why God placed me in certain areas, in certain ministries, in certain depts. And in retrospect I kinda prayed for it, but not in the way that i envisioned it to be. Well, it's not like i can determine how i want it to turn out rite hehe. God certainly works in mysterious ways and he has a reason 4 everything. I can foresee a lot of adjustments, painful times, tugging of my heartstrings and getting-over feelings. all to help me serve with a pure and right heart. 

I duno what will happen, how things'll turn out, how much adjustment/movement I'll have to make but I'll trust Him becoz He knws best.

it's good to look back and reflect. that's how you realize His works in your life.

Retrospection at its peak hee :) my moment of reflection has arrived. 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, goodbye.

My final lecture as a Year 1 student and we watched a movie, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Wah where got lectures so relax wan ahhhh. Chinglish. 

So, I hereby officially announced that Semester 2 has come to a close now (not including exams). Sem2 was way more fun and hectic than Sem1. Sem 2 comprised of : 
assignments, deadlines, some rough and sticky situations, decisions, a lot of getting-to-know-my-pals time, some great friendships forged, many new things I've learnt, the realization of who're my friends and who aren't, hard reminders, assurance that God is seeing me through everything and wake-up calls.

 It was also where I kind of struggled on where is my priority in serving; church or cf. Sometimes it's both, sometimes it's one or the other. Next year 2013 I plan prioritize one only haha so fast plan edi. but that doesn't mean I'll neglect the other one, no. Anyhow we're still serving d same God, but just different ministries and locations and scope. Hah. 

All in all, it was a good Sem and I enjoyed it, despite the ups and downs. Really, i'm serious. There's a song we sang once in pkv and it was a timely reminder:

Praise when I'm laughing
Praise when I'm grieving
 .....Our God never fails.

Yups. So, cheers to Sem 2! it was fun while it lasted. 

my lovely classmates of our last lecture, Teaching Prose. :-) photo courtesy from ivana's fb xoxo

Wow.. Sem 2 is ending. Speechless for now, trying to let this sink in.

God is faithful.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bb major dim

to have a knack in music or to be studious? I think all these while I have an inclination towards the former. Haha who wouldn't ?? Unless you're a kin of einstein or UM's engineering students hehe. seriously, engine students are....just smart. 

You know the Richard Marx Song "I will be Right here waiting for you" that has a piano intro in the beginning? I remembered hearing this on my dad's car radio when I was 5-6yrs old and I thought hey, I actually know the notes to this song so I went home and tried it and voila, that was the beginning of my er, musical journey.

but ok looking back I've come a looong way from where I just started and it has been an amazing journey. :) i've learnt lots from everywhere and everyone. Cant thank God enough for enabling me to play ze piano... 100% His grace.. so now I'm currently dabbling a bit in guitar coz I have my own guitar since F1 but erm never really touched it until two years back (& I still have a long way to go) and a tiny bit of drums. No harm, learning all types of instruments. Bass is next. hoho. 

but i can't say i'm very talented in music. I'm just mediocre only and still have a lot to learn. I know 1 or 2 people who're wayyyy talented than me and I'm in awe of their skillz that kill. no kidding. I know of this one person in my church who's like the music maestro of the century. He has chun skillz, and I look up to his musicality and talent. A bit eccentric this fella but talented. Well you gota give and take right bahaha.

But yeah... back to the main point; musicality or studies? hmm. not a tough decision to make. :-) To all musicians out there, cheers. Continue to persevere on in your musical journey. We're in this together.

P.S: We're in the last week of lectures! *do The Hustle dance*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time really flies because I'm now at my last week of Sem2. And I can't wait for exams to be over 'cause that's where life begins, that's where the real fun begins. Mmhmm can't wait, can't wait. 

Anyway look what i've found! cute caricatures of the avengers. I don't know why but I absolutely love that show. Erm maybe because of the actors too haha they're so good lookin. 

So for the last week of lectures I'm gona enjoy every single one of 'em, even the ones that I don't like :) 

Happy 14th week! Thank you God that it's ending. Bye year 1. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


click the link above. I've always liked articles by Mr. Sharom because they're pretty satirical and always laced with sarcasm with a bit of poking here and there. 

a well-said article. You should read it with a cuppa and some scones.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I would still care, but I will live more for myself, and not for other people. To compromise my happiness for other people's? Nah. Life's too short to worry about what people feel or think.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The A.

so today i watched ..... Avengers! 

Epic show. Really great. Rating = 9/10. There was never a dull moment in the movie although it was 2 1/2 hours long. i absolutely love love loved it!!!! superrrr like. arghhhh. i'm gushing over the show because of the stellar cast of many awesome and talented actors. *thumbs up* This movie was so real it made me believe that they're non-fictional, that these hansem and gorgeous heroes actually exist. Or maybe I'm too indulgent. I was so inspired by their machoness bahaha :P I would recommend this movie to everyone.!!!! i think i would watch it again. YES, again.

Friday, May 11, 2012

an almost.....


mmhmm it's been three months since i registered as a voter for my country. :-) to be honest i think it'll be a very proud moment for me. must take picture of me at the voting booth. haha jakun like mad. But hey, you would too, wouldn't you if it's your first time?

It's like....a historic moment in TM's 21 years of life documentation.

woo hoo. Time to step up up up and away.

do you know that there's an original text to Hansel & Gretel written by the Grimm brothers? haha betcha didnt know that. 

Click on the links above because they open up a whole new world about fairytales and will definitely change your perceptions about fables. You have been warned.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

i like this song. very catchy! check out the glee version too, it's as good as the original. 

after the rain, the sky is crystal clear and from my window, i can see all the tall buildings and ya know what i would do? i would zoom in on an apartment building, particularly a window with lights on and then i'll conjure images of what the occupants are doing, whether eating, watching tv, playing charades, sipping mojitos and enjoying the great view, like me. Haha what a weird and freakish thing to do, but hey, we all have our weird stuffs that we do right. =p

yes, this picture so depicts me when i go out shop. if only we have all the money in the world to buy stuff. but wouldn't that be materialistic? mmhmm i thought so. still, one needs retail therapy ok!

btw, countdown to almost-freedom: 2 more weeks of lectures. OH YEAH IT'S COMING I KNOW IT IS.

Monday, May 07, 2012

I am glad the night is cool and not humid. And today's weather was just pure bliss, especially in the morning. I had to use all my willpower and strength to force myself to leave my humble bed. Yeap no kiddin. The weather was that amazing. 

 But after the rain, there'll always be these dang annoying insects hovering over lights. So imagine one whole bunch of these why-do-they-even-exist insects all masuk my bilik and invade my privacy. Argh! Die, all of you! Fyi, i was never a fan of insects. I despise all kinds. Cold-hearted you may call me, I don't care. so it was a major eew to have the dreaded insects in my room. But thank God I killed them and they're nowhere to be seen - for now. 

anyway, my tesl mates, ivana and nadia nicely told me they had The Chicken Foldover and Caramel sundae. No way!! I wanted to try these so badly but hadn't got a chance to. sigh. by hook or by crook, this sat i must must must try. MUST.'re talking to a big mcds fan here alrite. so, if you wana please me just be my mcd supplier for a week lah, settled. 

Saturday, May 05, 2012

food lah

remember my previous post about not having eaten roti canai since ages? well guess what, i ate it today! mmhmm. i was at wahid's cafe with yee mei coz we wanted to eat breakkie, so i happened to saunter over to the roti canai stall and lo and behold i saw a few pieces of already-made roti canais inside the bowl. And i told myself, Ok i gotta have this no matter what.

And I did :-) the best feeling in the world for 20 minutes was eating that roti canai. Man... I could re-live that moment again. 

Next up on my to-eat list: 1) lasagne. 2) banana leaf rice 3)nasi lemak. 4)mcd's foldover and caramel sundae.

I think i live to eat, not eat to live. :) haha my post today's pretty shallow, all about mundane stuff like food and not deep, food-for-thought posts. 

sorry la, food always cheers me up. every single time. a true msian in my opinion is to love food, food and food. which brings me to this; i have a guy friend who is more conscious of his food intake/ weight than me. -.-" kudos to him coz he did lost weight. but if i want to lose weight, i know who to look for already. 

have a good weekend!

p/s: 3 more weeks of lectures!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

of literature and roti canai

I like writing my lit essays and reading lit pieces because it gives me the opportunity to explore them, to peruse their untouched lands and to search for hidden gems. I like the complexity, the internal conflict, the stark change in personality of a character and it may sound dang weird but I enjoy indulging in them. Haha thank you for acknowledging my weird fetish. Even now as I finish up my lit assignment, I am so excited to write about this character who had gone through a tremendous 360-degree change just by being confined in a room for fifteen years. Imagine the immensity of the things he would have over-analysed in his fifteen-year confinement alone, which made him despised everything about life. Yes, LIFE. How epic is that? I am honoured to study this character. :-) Long live literature! (not tesl. but literature.)

And up to date I have not eaten roti canai since.... Stonehenge. :( I need to have a good, pipin' hot roti canai soaked in the warm embrace of thick, rich dhal.