Friday, January 31, 2014

Lately i've been revisiting some ol' bands and singers from the Nineties era and boy, a pang of nostalgia hit me in the face like a strong gush of wind. So I'm here, on Cho Yat of CNY sharing my music list with you :

1. The Corrs!  (I grew up listening to them)
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers. (good stuff)
3. Smash Mouth. - Check out 'Walkin on the Sun' and 'All Star'. 
4. Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies. (such an old song!)
5. Unwell by Matchbox Twenty (who could forget this?!?)
6. Smooth by Santana ft Rob Thomas (And this too!!)
7. All I wana Do & Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow. (Epic chillout song)
8. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman (mmhmm)
9. Every Morning by Sugar Ray 
10. Mmmbop by Hanson (Fun and fun!)
11. The Jackson Five (not under the nineties category, me thinks)
12. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam (Such a sad song. The lyrics can literally make you tear up)
13. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something. (Yep!)
14. Semi-Charmed Life and Jumper by Third Eye Blind (Aw man I never get bored of this!)
15. Wonderwall and Dont Look Back in Anger by Oasis 

That's about it.Today's music just don't cut it lah. Nothing beats oldies. Yes I have an old soul. Old is gold.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

hello.. 19days til a brand new semester starts and so far, holidays have been good. I managed to read a few books that tugged my heartstrings but i'm still stuck on this book called The Last Empress by Anchee Min, probably 'cause it's mostly about ancient China history so it's a lil dry but informative nonetheless. Looking forward to more book vouchers from the gov. I've also had makan outings with friends and the time spent with them were priceless. Had a recent makan farewell for church fren who has inspired me to think and grow more in my thoughts and perspectives. Take care, miss Lye. you'll be a good nurse over there, I'm so sure of that :) I've also done my LOTR movie marathon (the highlight of my hols!) w00t, and bought some cny jeans frm my fav store, Dorothy perkins. As a student, I think I spend way too much :/ Need to control my spending!

this year's cny is no different from last year's; balik parents' kampung, makan, meet relatives, ang paos and that's about it. Not to mention cheesy cny songs in shopping malls/radios that make my skin crawl. Yep, predictable music chords, no syncing in musical instruments and shallow lyrics (not that i understand also haha). You might as well call me the scrooge of CNY lol. Well happy cny to you too. Don't let me dampen your spirit! 

So cute right the panda. 


Friday, January 24, 2014

LOTR madness

My wish has been fulfilled during sem break: to have a Lord of d Rings movie marathon!! :) w00t. i've been yearning for time to have one and when the opportunity came, I seized it. All three volumes of the film were devoured in a span of 4 days! ;) I'm proud hee and happy that I decided to re-watch 'em at a different age with a different mindset and I was not let down.

The trilogy was amazing, brilliant, astounding... perhaps there are not enough words to express my awe for it. To watch all three of them consecutively was like a wholesome journey that spoke about friendship, challenges faced, sacrifices made, betrayal, loyalty, courage... gah I cant sum it all up! It's that mind-blowing. 

Certain scenes like the ones where Aragorn courageously prepped the horde of soldiers at the Black Gate to face the many Orcs, Nazguls, trolls et cetera i.e. the Impending Doom was inspiring. Aragorn's courage was in full bloom in that scene and viewers like myself looked back at how in the beginning he was just a Strider who bottled up his immense potential as the heir to the throne, who kept running away from being a King but in the end, his strength revealed and his glory rightfully bestowed to him. That flow of change in Aragorn was indeed inspiring. 

I liked how the friendship in the fellowship of the ring (8 of them only coz boromir died) was so strong that they were willing to die for one another. Cue the part where Aragorn turned back to his army and mouthed, "For Frodo" before running into the herd of black armies at the Black Gate where he and the rest foresaw they would not survive the war, but did it anyway for Frodo. Also, the scenes with Sam and Frodo were so touching that I teared up lol coz it's so pure and heart-warming. *wipes tears*

Brilliant movie, all in all. By far LOTR is THE best movie of all time. So many values and lessons to learn from. (im totally analysing the movie like a lit student haha). Cheers to good movies like LOTR. Evoked so much emotions in the viewers. If you're unable to feel my enthusiasm for the movie then I don't know how else to spark your fire. No excuses for it being boring. :P Maybe you find it too long or you're unable to comprehend its complexity. Read the book then! Although a warning ahead; the vocab may be challenging. I've read 3/4 of the three volumes and I just gave up coz too flowery for me haha.

With that being said, I've vowed to re-read all three volumes again this year and I shall try not to bail out last minute while reading! I plan to expand my vocabulary bank too, to soak in not only new words but to be enriched with beautifully-crafted sentences that bring fulfillment to my Reading Soul. I love books :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

A hearty 3-hour chat about everything random to catch up with one another and most importantly to welcome back our Korean member :) love you girls. yay to xoxo whatsapp group whre we can keep in touch.

Happy holidays! I'm grateful for the break. 

On a side note, this sem i'm starting my teaching practical in about 6 months' time :( Time flies. sigh

Friday, January 10, 2014

This is my Father's world

It's 2014! Happy new year, all. I hope you've achieved your new yr resolutions for 2013.

So I've two main new year resolutions: 1) start driving!!! 2) dye/highlight my hair. haha. what colour hmm. blue highlights? blonde? 

As the new year comes, there seems to be many challenges ahead. For one, the recent Bible seizure. But I'm reminded of the assurance this song holds: 

This is my Father's world
O let me ne'er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father's world
why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!
God reigns; let the earth be glad!

God is sovereign & in control. Let's trust Him for all is to come in 2014. :)

Cheers to a great God we have.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

I may be a tad late but I just caught Desolation of smaug today and it was nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed the entire 3hour-long storyline although many said it was too draggy. I disagree! That's what makes a very thorough and concrete storyline. There was not one part where I felt it was boring, albeit I didn't really like the love triangle among legolas, kili and the elf girl. Meh, half-baked. Maybe the next movie lebih masak kot.

Martin freeman as bilbo was fantastic stuff. I loved his portrayal as a timid hobbit who built his courage by facing his fears, rising to the occasion by being courageous when all his friends were counting on him. His quiet confidence and quirky demeanour were one of my favs. Despite being timid, I think he can be a really good leader if given the chance as he leads by heart, rationality and compassion, not by brawn. 

Thorin, on the other hand is also pretty amazing and is fit to be crowned as King. Such inspiring courage and confidence displayed. And oh, how the other dwarves looked up to him! :) 

All in all it was a kickass movie. Only movies I really love will have the privilege of being blogged. haha. 

 After my finals that's it imma do a LOTR movie marathon. It's sacrilege if you haven't watch em!!!!!