Wednesday, August 31, 2011

of fear and procrastination

university is starting in 3 days omg. Freaking out? YES. :( i'm so big already, entering uni. but my mind still like a 15 year old sigh <-denial. Anyway there's lots of stuff I haven't do yet, mostly paperwork, simply because I procrastinate. Or I don't want to deal with it yet, only later, last-minute.

tsk tsk. I'm entering uni on 4th sept and orientation starts from then, and it's 1 week. Some people say UM orientation is tough, some people think that there is no ragging. Duno.

But argh! I'm trying not to freak out for uni.

What IS THERE to freak out ? Erm. I don't really know. I'm freaking out at the idea that I'm entering uni.

I hope that, I'll meet some nice people, and I won't dislike the courses. (FYI the course that I got, I wasn't exactly happy about it. blehh joseph i need your advice again)

in 3 days = HERE I COME UNI.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011


i tried mcd's GCB burger and omg it's the 2nd best burger mcd has created after spicy mcchicken. YOU MUST TRY really nice. a tad pricey for just a burger, fries and soda but, oh well, GCB is for limited time only and you only live once. So enjoy the life of consuming fast food before regretting it at age 50 and above when diabetes and cholesterol etc comes knocking. Ok that was meant as a joke, pun intended. :)

I think starting from now till 3rd sept all my blog posts will have a count down on when uni's starting. BOO. I am reluctant to go and I can't help but feel negatively towards uni argh. A lot of doubts and what if's.

Ok I shall not let worry get the best of me. I shall take my boss' advice which is to not overthink, and just relax, see uni in a positive light, 4 years will come and go just like that, uni won't be that bad, it'll be fun *deep breath*

Countdown: 9days to uni.

Monday, August 22, 2011

and here it comes

Do you know, my pain tolerance level is actually pretty low? I went for a blood test on saturday and I was kinda freaking out when the doctor inserted the needle in my arm. AND IT WAS PAIN.

:-( Funny thing is, the Dr. said:
"You think this is pain? No lah! You don't know what's pain. Pain is when you're giving birth."

Right, thanks for highlighting the fact that giving birth is painful. Like REAL PAIN. That's why I don't want to give birth because I know I can't stand the immensity of it. Sorry la maybe I might change my opinion later on but for now, no.

13 more days to uni. I'm a big girl now!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



1) Qi Jun my sakai friend, the person whom I bs with a lot came over today and we watched two movies and ate mcdz. sleepover is next
2) My internet connection keeps going off! i cant wait to have my own laptop.
3) buka puasa dinner tomorrow with my ex-company. :) they so nais!
4) dinner with best friend on sat. about time! then am i able to make it for a church friend's farewell bday party thingamajig? hmm.
5) christmas prep. mehs. aint easy k.
6)medical report/certs/passport sized photos/bank in fees; all to be done before i enter uni in SEPT4.

how now brown cow.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm a bummer again! No more working already. I feel a bit lost and disarrayed, because when I was working, (note the word 'was'. sigh) i have a schedule of waking up at 7am, then makan, then bathe, dress up, go work, then come back, and relax.

But now, I wake up at 8am and just do nothing but go online, piano, tv. It's too relaxing. Haha so ironic, when I just started work, I look forward to quitting, and now when I quit, I miss work.

I'm flying to bangkok on sept16-18. Isn't that great?! A haven for cheap and nice clothing. And thai food. *thumbs up*

Friday, August 12, 2011


So today, was my last day at work. :) I'm happy that I won't have to do all the updating website-copy-paste-html (hehe) but sad because the people there are nice! They changed my perception of working life, because all these while I thought working life has politics. =/ I mean yeah I guess it happens, but these guys aren't like that. I had a cool and understanding boss and nice colleagues, what more can I ask?

As they say, when one door closes, another door opens. Time for me to move on into the uni phase. And yes, I shall not dwell in worry because it sucks up my energy, so it's not worth it. Like my boss said, uni will always be there. It's how I see it only, whether I choose to see it positively or negatively. Mindset. See, I learnt so much from work. Agh. Ack. *wipes tears* <-dramatic! :D

But my working life was good while it lasted. <3

Adios, BPC Solutions. So long, farewell, it's time to say goodbye. Adieu, adieu, to you, and you, and you...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Cloudy and a chance of sunshine

I'm such a big worrier. I worry about almost everything; from the big stuff to the teeniest detail. Why can't I not worry? Because it's my nature to worry and it's hard to shake off this bad habit. Excuses, excuses.

I worry about uni. I worry about tomorrow. I worry about work. I worry about christmas planning. I worry about my driving skillz that killz. I worry, about everything lah. :( boo.

There's a verse in the Bible that says: "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." Great reminder, thanks. But sometimes the feeling will creep in on me without me realizing and fog up my train of thoughts and common sense.

On another note uni is coming. piew piew piew. I told Alicia how I'm scared to enter uni, how my already decomposing brain cells will be unable to comprehend all the stuff to be learnt in uni, and she said this: Trust God, it'll be ok.

When I worry, I tend to forget that I should trust God, and that He's in control of everything. But that reassurance was restored when Al told me that. I hope it'll last.

I long to be free from the chains of worry!

=D optimism and positive-thinking, TM.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I would love to do that, sometime.

Friday, August 05, 2011

life. by itself

1 more week and i'll be ending my internship :) Dreading it because the people and boss are nice, and they made me change my perception on working life where I once thought there's bound to have office politics. my company is free from ofc politics. bagus kan.

At the same time I'm looking forward to my resignation as I can spend more time on prep for uni, and more 'me' time to myself; waking up late and bumming. tee hee. 1 more week! 1 more week. a lot of things can happen.

I shan't cry. Nahh I won't.

I had the most unique talk with a 32 year old today. It was fun. This 32year old can read me like the back of dia punya palm. He listed all my characteristics and omg he's right. *facepalm* might as well be my psychologist.

Tomorrow, I shall be shopping. and then Seoul Garden-ing. And then a little of churching. And Jack's Place-ing for dinner.

I like weekends.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


when you're in a team, and you feel that there's an invisible wall between you and the other person, the only way to solve this is to: Go out for lunch or dinner to get to know the other person better, and vice versa. Or hang out more! because, we're gona work together, so yeah!! it's important to solve this awkwardness once and for all, and fast! :( argh.

I have yet to do that.

my driving license expired. not that i drive a lot anyway

Cranky. =/