Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post-xmas; Praise God for a wonderful celebration yesterday and for guiding us in every step in this journey. 

(Pictures courtesy of Uncle A on fb):

Overall it was a fun experience leading the choir, albeit stressful at times. I definitely had fun, especially correcting people's wrongly sung notes heheh jk ;) 

My ex-yf student made me a lovely handmade bag!! like, wow.. i was not expecting that at all. The thought and time and effort put into making that bag melts my heart.

exquisitely done with much precision and talent. love this

three pouches to put my handphone, car keys and powerbank!!! She knows my needs haha.

happy post-xmas everyone. I hope your xmas was meaningful :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gosh i'm on a roll in blogging. apa jadi, dont know. maybe because I realized I have 500-1k words left to write for my assignment and so this is like taking a break from it. -.-

recently i attended my youth yf camp not as a participant but as a teacher. Big responsibility as it is challenging in so many ways. you're dealing with young lives here and not just work and paper. but it is also rewarding when you notice your students discovering their relationship with their Creator, or when they say a simple 'thank you for being there' etc. neways... here are some pix from camp, stolen from fb:

the cast and crew.

the group of students tht me and a few others had the privilege of teaching. so young, so many ideas, so much energy and so much potential.

with the student committee

btw t-minus 5 days left til xmas!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Finally the moment has arrived. I went for Star Wars and beyond - the orchestra. Was blown away! it was so surreal and spectacular to listen to live music, more so from an orchestra. Malaysia's own orchestra. They're good, very good. 

The last time I was at dewan filharmonik petronas was back in ... 2008. I caught Harry Connick Junior and his jazz band live before he became famous on American Idol. Lol. So when I went back to the hall again yesterday, it was pretty nostalgic. The staircase, the green carpet, the open space was exactly how I remembered it. 

STAR WARS. have you ever wonder, 'why star wars?' are the stars really at war? 



with the parents and sister of a talented bassoonist I got the pleasure of knowing. say cheeze

Music played a huge part in my life; learning classical music, going to piano exams in hotels, performing in front of students' parents, learning to play by ear and then playing all my fav songs on piano, serving in the music ministry but most importantly, an outlet for me to express my emotions.

Oh what would I do without music running thru my veins... am eternally thankful to my Creator for this wondrous gift.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Grinch mode - on. 

Recently I was stunned with the latest news of my beloved tanah airku. There are so many questions not addressed as to why it should be implemented.

 I'm reminded of a book I read long ago, "1984" by George Orwell. 

It's about a "negative utopia" - a country that reveres the Big Brother aka the iron fist ruler and anyone who goes against him will be - you got that right - shot, executed, terminated, kaboosh. 

 "It reeks of contempt for the democratic process".

I thus vow to be part of the Change of winds in 2018, and in the many more change of winds to come. 

Ini kali lah... hopefully.