Thursday, May 29, 2014

of accidents and closure

I welcome week 14 aka the final week of lectures with open arms :) Woot.. now I just have one more research paper to finish.

Neways, I had my first car accident last sun. :/ actually, the first time was in church where i sorta nudged a church mate's car. But it doesnt count coz 1) it's a fren's car and 2) it happened in one of the safest places in pj lol. but for this one, it counts :/ ironically, it happened after a meet at a friend's house where he was telling me that accidents are inevitable; we just have to be careful. Basically to cut the long story short, I was banged from behind :( 

:( Was kinda scared because I was alone driving. When I pulled over and came down, my defences were all up; I was bracing for some form of shouting or whatever. And I thought I was panicking, but surprisingly I was calm, but a serious kind of calm. Thank God for calming me. And thankfully the person who banged me was okok la and not some gangsta. 

My car and his car were sent for repair and today, I got my precious back. Check out my car's damage before the repair:

the damage doesn't look very bad right? But if you look at it closely, it is. Bad scratches, a bit misaligned and 10% of the backlight was damaged. I was sad that day.

surprise, surprise - ironically, his car above was in worse condition compared to mine! You could imagine my shock when I saw this. How did my proton, a flimsy, light-weighted car suffered minor damages compared to this giant of a car? 

My proton proved to be tougher than it looks. *pats my proton* or maybe coz my car was banged from behind and not me banging someone. If it would have been the latter, my proton will be in critical condition. 

All in all, it was an experience that I would avoid & would never want to go through again. Thank u God for protecting me and keeping me safe!!

p/s: Have a good break. We need it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear blog,

week 13 has come and go. Time, either a grey spectre or a white silhouette, flew past, waiting for no man. My third year in uni officially ends by the end of August when my exams and teaching practical turn to dust under my feet as I continue my journey in the final year of my course. It'll be a bittersweet moment for me when I approach 4th year because I'll reflect back on the three good and bad years in uni and how I've grown so much. If you say you haven't learn anything in uni, my opinion is that you've wasted away your years in an institution built to equip people with the essentials to live it out in the big world. You've taken the privilege and opportunity of being in uni for granted, my friend.

The future; the Great Unknown.  But one thing I know and am comforted of is that God will be with me to the end. 

Cheers to the last week of lectures :) 

p.s: I'm in desperate need of retail therapy! 
p.s.s: note to self: Popular slashed prices of some books, and two books worthy of mentioning are: Martin Luther's biography and The Pacific, although the price of this book remain untouched. Mm tempting.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

comfort food needed

Yeah. I needa de-stress with good food. Real food. with real people.

btw, yes, i've eaten all of the above and they're taken by yours truly ;) from top to bottom: Little Korea in Solaris mont kiara, a chicken rice shop in DJ and butter and beans, ss17.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life... is never a bed of roses. Take heart and be strong. Through petty or tough situations, taking a step up to confront and to reason things out (instead of hiding it where lama-kelamaan it will all explode) is needed for the own good of each party. This is where I grow as an adult for I know the transitioning period from a teen to young adult is tough where we have to deal with difficult situations in order to learn, and grow. The one who makes the first move to reason things out is the matured one. I guess that's where I come in.

for the record, I am irked by petty friendship issues. i mean who doesn't right. It takes two to tango to make a friendship work, not one solo performance. Friends should be honest and open with each other and not keep it all in, write it all in blogs/journals watever and then the next day, forget it all and act as if nothing happened, like without a clear face-to face explanation. Forgetting it doesn't mean the issue is solved k. There should be some sort of consensus/rationalizing to iron out these issues or else, the awkwardness will forever be there. I'm so mature right thanks.

I found an interesting article about friendship. However blunt this article might be, there is some truth in it: Article 145

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This beautiful concoction of an affogato is beautiful. PERFECT for all occasions; chill-out/gloomy/shitty/crappy or a happy day. Have one today at your nearest coffee house. Satisfaction? Guaranteed. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

lately i realized i haven't had indian rojak in AGES gahhhh.

click this link: Uhmazin Indian Rojak

I've been a loyal customer to No.4 aka taman bahagia indian rojak since I was a lil kiddo. My dad used to bring me thre quite often until we were frequent customers whre d uncle immediately recognized us. Now, or rather a year ago, I went back there again and nothing's changed; a weathered white truck parked at the side of the field, patrons lounging on plastic stools or sitting under the gazebo with their rojaks, pigeons flapping here and there and the cemented playground stood forlornly in the centre, awkwardly being the subject of patrons' gazes as they wait for their rojaks to be prepared.

The only thing changed was the Uncle manning the rojak store. Dad went up to him and asked what happened to the previous uncle? Dia sudah balik india la, said the current one. :( oh wells. but still, the legacy of this rojak stall lives on. Im gona visit it Soon!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Lately, I found myself having little patience for people who ask really dumb questions, or questions they didn't think through and just blurt it out. -.- Or questions that have just 1 answer: a big fat obvious DUH. Does it hurt to think first before blurting out? -.-

Does this mean I'm becoming impatient, ie through ageing comes impatience? Or am I slowly becoming like one of those adults who cannot tolerate immaturity? Or, have I become more mature at this age? Sigh. 

But think about it; a young adult, say 23-26 years old asking ridiculous questions really makes you look at him/her, roll your eyes and go, 'seriously? he/she is really asking me this question at THAT age?" This is a major faux-pas in the working world. My parents, bro and older friends have told me this many times since they've tasted more salt than I've eaten rice.

Likewise I myself too have a lot to learn and improve as I grow older. This is a difficult transition for teens to shift into the young adults' world as there's a lot to learn and to take in. It's a gradual process and not an instant one-night miracle. With that being said, I'm thankful to my family and my older friends who've taken the initiative to correct and rebuke me in my transitioning years (am still in the transitioning phase k), for my own good. I duno what I'll be like without them. Maybe without them I'll still be asking questions like, "So, is Msia a democratic country?" Hee. 

Happy week 11th of Year 3, Sem 2.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

death and all his friends*

Did I ever mention I'm a huge Coldplay fan? Somehow their songs suit my mood and my personality most of the time. I heart them for their unique musical talent. Love love love. To get into the ethereal mood, listen to them in the early mornings or late nights. Their music makes my emotions come to life, flowing through my veins and awakening thoughts and flashbacks...almost like a music drug. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

 I wana go for their concert before I turn old.  

*a song from their album, Viva la vida.