Friday, September 30, 2011

breathe in

And so today I came home and I saw MY new spanking red laptop waiting for me. :) Whoopie all worries faded away haha I get so satisfied over such things.

So my week has been normal, lectures as usual, assignments piling up weekly. And I volunteered to help my college's chinese society with the performance for the Senior-Junior night on oct14, me singing 'solo' with 3 other people! Like huh, what did I signed myself up for. But hey, for the fun of it la wtv just take it all in and enjoy uni to the max.

I went for my second pkv meeting today and some things the speaker said touched a chord in me. He said if God has given me this course, I should be thankful and make the best out of it. When he said that I was like, whoa... make the best out of tesl. It was something that I needed to hear, some encouragement, because honestly I haven't felt the passion for tesl. AT ALL. I kinda dread going to classes, and all the assignments. sigh. yeah I know I'm terrible.

But what Dr. Living Lee said was a path which I had not seen; maybe a path that I was looking for, and I kinda found it. "Make the best out of it". Yeah. I'll try to do that. Maybe tesl isn't THAT bad. hehe. =)

anyway I'm glad to be home! I get to feel all PJ-ish again and do my washing and recuperating.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

the world won't wait for you

Hello! It has been an exhausting week for me, assignments keep piling up. But fret not I did like 2 or 3 of it already so yeah ! *pats self* Actually campus life is truly awesome because you have the freedom in the whole wide world to do anything hehe. No lah not anything that goes against my religion or family values, but just to live with your friends without parents, and it feels kinda cool. Although sometimes I do miss my parents. That's why I go home every weekend. <-also for church and choir prac and to de-stress & recharge to face another week of uni.
But what made uni life less stressful is the PKV (persaudaraan kristian varsiti) there. I met a lot of bananas like me which made me happy haha. I found my species horay. From there I met many juniors like me too, fresh and young and nice and different backgrounds. :)
One of the best things about local uni is that you can meet people from everywhere in malaysia, from different races and ethnicities. And local uni is where true malaysians practice the 1malaysia thing. Really! My eyes were opened to their cultures and the way they speak and, well I won't trade it for private uni's because you can never get to experience this ever. Not even when you set out to work. :-) I sound like I'm promoting local uni haha. But yeah, there're some hmm funny or strange people (like there are in the whole world) but it shall not dampen my spirits to enjoy campus life. :-)
But there're assignments to be done! =/ That's why I look forward to come home every weekend because, home is always the best place compared to anywhere else. Home is where I recharge my energy by hanging out with PJ people and getting back in touch with my PJ-ness. :P
So.....yeah. uni life. is. pretty cool. minus assignments.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's good when it rains

I survived the first week of lectures :) *pats self* Haven't found a subject which I like yet. If they have Teaching in Music I probably would la, but too bad don't have. I need to talk to tesl seniors and asked them what can I do with tesl besides teaching. Sorry, haven't jumped on the bandwagon of enthusiastically becoming a teacher. *shrugs*

Oh I have something to share! Two incidents that really *piak* me on the face. On tues, while walking back from my faculty, it started to rain quite heavily and I was caught under it! How unfortunate right. I was like 5 minutes walk from my college when it rained. =(

So here's what happened.

While walking to my college gate (yeah I couldn't be bothered to run because I was drenched already) someone from behind yelled "run! run!" and I thought who is this person asking me to run huh! But - wait for it - he tiba-tiba said "come let me carry your bag" and I gave him my bag and we both ran to the nearest shade. (he ran ahead of me of course. my stamina = zero) But so nice right he offered to carry my bag :P I made a new friend that day. His name is Daniel and he's also a first year student like me. Sincerely nice and friendly. He also offered to teman me to wait for the rain to stop!

If you think that's nice, here's another one. So both Daniel and I were talking la to wait for the rain to subside. Then from far we saw a guy walking with an umbrella looking at us. He then approached us and ... offered us his umbrella!! Like, what?? I was touched by his gesture. Then the kind guy and Daniel went off under the rain. And the kind guy looked real clean, like he just bathed, and he had to walk under the rain and clean up again. I didn't even get his name to return his umbrella.

These kind gestures really hit me hard and made me ask myself, would I do that if I were in both the guys' positions? They barely know me and yet they willingly and sincerely helped me without expecting anything.

I was feeling like crap when I realized I was drenched from head to toe, but God is truly good all the time and He provided two people to unconsciously cheer me up in a way.

So, yeah I learned something valuable that day. =) Looking back I'm glad I got wet. Little things like these that God can do amaze me!

btw I crave mcds!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Uni :)

So on Sunday I went to Uni for a 1 week orientation :) IT WAS TIRING like mad. Schedules were jam-packed with activities like visiting our faculties, trips to the DTC (dewan tunku chancellor) and sports activities. My faculty is pretty far from my college but we had to walk there so, of course everyone sweated like mad too. And sports! Sweat and sweat and sweat. The best part was - wait for it - we were only given TWO jerseys to be worn throughout that 1 week. TWO!! There were times when I had to dry my extremely sweaty jersey under the fan and wear it the next day because we just don't have the time to wash.

And everyday I had 3-4hours of sleep. The day started at 5am all the way until 12.15am. And only at 12.30am I am able to bathe! By the time I finish bathing it's 12.45am and I'm too tired to wash clothes so just plunk on the bed la. Every night there's always a queue at the bathroom because every sticky person wants to clean themselves so sometimes I didn't even get to bathe so I ended up sleeping without bathing. Major eew. That's orientation. =)

Overall it was quite ok la, tiring but fun. We had to do some CheerLeading for our college. Cool right haha. That's campus life. lectures are starting tomorrow! And tonight i have choir practice at church. Luckily UM gates close at 12am phew.

Okies I'm signing off now. BAH BYE~!