Monday, August 24, 2015

the people i meet

Once in a while, I do think about my students and wonder how're they doing right now. It's been a year since my teaching practicum and i cant believe I even did it. My students are Form 5 already facing their biggest exam yet. I hope they'll take their studies seriously because they're still playful and innocent. Playful but with no mean intentions. Carefree and hyperactive. Pn Helen told me that they have so much energy pent up in them that one fine day she will let them out in the field to run etc to drain their energy. Good suggestion indeed.

Although my students and I don't keep in touch now, I'll never forget who they are. You can never forget your first bunch of students wan. speaking of my students, I wana blog about this truly amazing lady who passed away a year ago. she was my church friend's mum and was the ex-pengetua of the school i did practicum with. During her wake service last year, I was present for both days as I was the pianist. And although I didnt really know her very well before that, I was immensely moved by the life she lived when i heard her friends/colleagues/families give testimonies on her life. It made a huge impact on me and from last year Aug til now, I do think of her testimony from time to time.

tell me, which pengetua would visit a student from a very broken family and clean up his very very messy dilapidated house together with her sons? And which pengetua would take in a form 6 student from a broken family to stay in her own house for weeks just because he has many family problems tht made him lose focus on his studies? And this student slept in one of her son's rooms while the son slept on the living room couch. Such genuine love for the broken-hearted. The testimonies her other friends/colleagues gave had one thing in common: her resolution, generosity, sincere care and her unwavering  faith in God.

Thank you, aunt M.E. for your living testimony and the full life you've lived. In those 2 days, your testimony has changed my life forever. It points me back to the basis of your selfless love which is from God and is a constant reminder to me to be generous, to give more, to open my heart for the broken and to love my Creator with all my heart and obey His commands like how you did so faithfully. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

there is a time for everything

I'm all for cleanliness definitely, but I'm not sure if I support the upcoming one. What does it hope to achieve? Will things change even after that? now is not even the election season to stand for transparency. Also, what use will it be if a mass rally for the cause of a stable economy? instead, it will cause more instability (surprise, surprise) in one's country and that's the last thing we need on our list right now with the recent 1 em-di-bee fiasco and our ringgit hitting an all-time low. The only thing it will achieve is unnecessary bad press, street brawls and injured people.

If you wish to participate, by all means go forth, but remember to refrain from retaliating when someone hurts you physically. Because you're there to stand for your cause and for what you believe in and you're prepared to get hurt even, but don't let your emotions override your common sense to inflict pain on other people just 'cause you're hurt. 

You may not agree with me, that's fine, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Agree to disagree. I just hope that other practical and sensible things could be done instead of just this that will lead to... nowhere basically. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Recently, I met up with my ex-church committee members of the music ministry over dinner & durian at boss' place and since my blog lack pictures and my life has been uninteresting so far, here are some. The meet was more like a reunion with the old committee and I gotta say it was lotsss of fun and nonsense talk, now that we don't have to discuss about church work haha.

sweet & sour crabs that explodes in your mouth. Gosh I haven't had crabs in the longest time!

Squid fried with salted egg. I love anything fried with salted egg

Spicy fried porky yum

my favourite ex-crew, missing Joseph!

budak2 cina, one penganggur, one Canadian student, one working adult.

and then, musang king at tim's place. his treat! and dinner also.

When the clock struck 12, jenna baked a surprise cake for tims to celebrate his bday. and where got ppl pose for picture like that wan?!

mau bunuh siape? 

this ministry was the first I've ever served in and it was where I've learnt so much from them and their relationship with our Creator. Things are different now but I guess change is necessary and inevitable for both sides. No matter far or near, we'll still be in touch through whatsapp i'm sure. 

p/s: I still cant stop raving about the Archive chat tab in whatsapp. So effective in keeping my whatsapp clean and less messy with all the whatsapp groups. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Blogging from phone again. It's so convenient when I'm lazy to open my laptop.

I had a nice one to one chat with my mum today about her childhood, the struggles she faced and how it has made her stronger to be who she is today.

She has guided and brought me up to who I am today, teaching me so so many things and how to do this and that and wht I should look out for etc. I can't even begin with the sacrifices she's made because they're too many a debt that I can never repay.

I strive to emulate her intelligence, courage, resilience and resourcefulness as I grow older yearly and  I hope as much to age gracefully like how she does.

Thankful to God for such amazing parents that I don't deserve. #latenightthoughts

Monday, August 17, 2015

For once, I chose the path tht I'll be walking in, with full support from parents of course. I feel unsure, afraid, doubtful, but their encouragement keeps me grounded. The path may be winding and gloomy with rocks, insects and dampness, but there is also warmth from the sun, beauty in the trees and welcomed silence for your thoughts to be free. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Decided to change my blog title to Be Still to remind me to be still and listen. 'bridge of faith' is so yesterday already haha. new times, new changes, new blog title. 

Yes to the above.

This cat is the purrfect soft toy to be placed in a car. Credits to Wen for posting this on fb a while back.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Of random fluff

Hello..blogging from my blog app on phone. Feels like typing a message.

I thank Android for the tab of 'Archive Chats' tht i just discovered on whatsapp. Seriously I have way too many whtsap groups on my phone (27 groups altogether omg) so I archive unimportant ones to make my whatsapp less messy. So effective, makes me happy! Sooner or later some will be deleted coz too much unnecessary space taken up.

Late night thoughts led me to count the number of days uni has ended. 1 month 16 days. What am I doing with my life? Few have taken the unconventional road to take a break year to do some soul-searching. If I do that I will be skinned alive by parents. But whatever plans I have I always discuss it out with them and most of the time their solid advice  puts my feet back on the ground.

Perhaps I need to reset my mindset from get busy bummin' to get busy livin'. Tweak here and there.. rest a bit.. tweak some more. Talk with people, read up, rest, share, look up internet, rest. So many 'rests' in this sentence I can't part with it.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

stand up

This matters. 

A friend once told me that if a person doesn't vote, he/she has no right to complain about our country. 

He's right. One has no right to complain if one does not do anything to change the situation. 

I registered as a voter in my uni's post office on my 21st birthday. I remember walking to KPS building alone and after I came out from the post office, I just felt a sense of pride and awe as I'll be one of the many to represent hope for a change.

So please, if you haven't, take the initiative to go to the nearest post office and say, "saya nak register untuk general election". How easy is that???