Monday, September 29, 2014

Im always busy towards the end of the year with christmas and assignments that sometimes I forget the true meaning of christmas. It's easy to get caught up in all the preparation for choir etc etc that sometimes it can become a mechanical routine instead of a service. May this year be a year where in the midst of busyness, I will not forget the true meaning of Christmas to me.

Sept is almost ending!!! wake up wake up! *cue wake me up when september ends song*

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

i'm all about that bass

So I've gotten a new buddy in da house:

heh.. not mine actually as I borrowed it from a church buddy. So kind of him to loan it to me (tq, J!) Recently I had this urge to learn bass guitar because piano is pretty overrated now haha and also my church is lacking bassists :p and also I think it's not very hard to learn. so what better excuse than to learn it and voila! 

It's pretty simple actually. if u know the keys to your piano well, then this is also like playing the piano, except that you only play note by note and you must know where the notes are. And also fingering, plucking and tapping. It's true when they say if you can play piano, you can play any instrument. For now I am a very amateur guitarist, drummer and bassist. 

but the thing is. I need an amp!!! and a bass cord. gah.. if I buy it, I'm afraid it'll be wasted coz I dont own a bass guitar of my own, unless I plan to invest in one. If I borrow an amp and bass cord from someone, erm... I'm not sure if I can find that someone. Oh well.. we'll see how it goes. 

Friday, September 19, 2014


self-proclaimed picture of the day:

i miss 2 of my pals who're overseas. one is gona be there for 1 year and the other... 3/4 years :( but am happy coz there's snail mail and modern technology to keep in touch. 

am already feeling nostalgic on a friday morning. whutt.. 

that's all.. i kinda lost my blogging mojo. it has left me for someone else ;P

Monday, September 15, 2014

is it weird that i reli love cute and fatttt babies? but i wont want to have any of my own? hahaha. 

 having a kid of your own is not just some fun idea you want to have or just coz you feel like experiencing childbirth. It's a life-long commitment ya know.. Life... long... (cue thunder and lightning) you must be mentally and emotionally prepared for what's to come a.k.a the good and bad.. and you must be mature enough to take care of your kids and impart good values to them.. and teach them everything. Everyythinggg like good manners, shaping their perceptions etc. but more often than not, parents find joy in having kiddies. they focus on the joys rather than the sorrows and that's a mighty good thing to keep one on track. also coz they've imprinted certain features of themselves on their babes. haha. 

sorry, this is a veryy random topic for a 23yr old to blog about but it's because i was checking out some of my church mate's baby pictures & wahh all so adorable!!!! and my mind started working and the machines were clicking in my head and it led me to this blog post. 

but who knows... down the road in 24543 years' time i might consider having kiddies. :p 

or not. 

newayz... week 2 of lectures has arrived and so far, things are ok but moving ever so slowly. yawnnnssss

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

So I have entered my final year in uni :) Wow. Can't believe I went through 3 years of teaching theories and blablabla. 

I didnt want to skip the first week because if I come to class in the second week, I won't have time to get used to lectures or the timing of the lectures. So yep the first week is for me to familiarize again with the uni habitat before 2nd week comes in. Heh smart leh I thought about all these on the night before the first day coz... well as final year students, we should, you know, plan ahead and show everyone that you are worthy to be called a Final Year Student. I know it's a really small thing to plan ahead but hey, small steps make way for bigger things to come. Plus it shows your maturity 
Ok I was just crapping coz that doesn't really make sense. But deep down in your heart's core you and I know there is some truth in it. *smirk* 

anyway, i'm looking forward to 4th year and what it will bring me. Summary of my years in tesl:
1st year: forgettable. Still naive. Immature.
2nd year: forgettable. boring. Got my first ever first class. [sadly this is not in repetitive mode]
3rd year: Not too bad. Got some friendship drama thingy which brings us back to first year = immature.
Teaching practice: ENJoYeD it!! (except the first two weeks which were hell).
4th year: _________________

we'll see. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

4 Kerjasama

pardon my overflowing attachment to my students. warning: this post may be boring for some so read at your own risk :P

my student just msg me on fb out of the blue and said hello. aww. and another student said he went to the library today to see me but apparently i was not there. i was there, but just in another room only o wells. I'm too attached to my students and i miss them! agh.. it's ok coz this is d first time i experienced teaching so there's bound to be some form of attachment. pls tell me i'm not the only one missing my students... :(

yup my class in a nutshell. I miss you all, 4K! Be good boys plz. prove to the other teachers that though you are not the best class and though you are super playful and though everyone sees your class as noisy, you are students with good hearts and that you too deserve equal attention and care from teachers. Prove to them that so whut if yall are noisy! as long as you show it through your grades and allow your good characters to shine. Make them zip their mouths and break their judgemental mindsets like how you broke mine. :) tq for that. I believe in you all because I see kindness in each and every one of you. Use that. 

ok i shall end my sappy ramblings here. guess they'll never have the chance to read this post haha but that's ok :) i can care in other ways i 'spose.

have a good week!