Tuesday, February 26, 2013

fact in fiction

I just turned 22 recently and it was a great bday with birthday lunches/dinners/gifts with/from family, course mates, church buddies and campcam family. I am reminded of the people God blessed me with. :)

what does it mean to be 22? 

it means growing in thought, action and speech. It means seeing two sides of the story instead of one. It means looking forward to the future and what's to come instead of dwelling in the past and wallowing in regrets. It means learning to trust God more. It means making wise decisions and being independent. It means being more rational. 

I have plenty to look ahead, and plenty to reflect back. 

P/s: im surprised at how mature I am now!! and childish too. :P

Thursday, February 14, 2013

sink in

It's been 45 days of 2013 and so far, so good I must say. My sem holidays have been nothing but pure relaxation. a lot. grey's, vampire diaries, bones & books have been my teman throughout this 1 month. Recovery from semester 1 perhaps? haha. 

as semester 2 comes in, i will be honest to say that i am not at all excited to go through the cycle again :/ this always happens after a comfy sem break where one sinks into their own comfort zone and remain complacent. -.- 

anyway the rm250 book voucher will be mine soon! jenna recommended me some books i should read. yay looking forward to some new books tucked away in my room. I like the smell of new books. pretty aromatic. or am i just kooky. 

oh there will be a change in sem 2. I have decided to not stay in my college because i figured that i need a conducive environment to channel my heart and soul into assignments and studies (hehe) (with all due respect to my room mates) :D so maybe the not-so-good sem 1 results were because of my staying in college!! hmmph.  so yeah. a car is needed so anyone is more than welcome to contribute to my mobility around PJ. xoxo

cheers, and here's to the coming of sem 2! *clinks*

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

take that.

poor monday. :'(