Monday, July 27, 2015

Holidays have made me become so lazy to the point where I dont reply messages on whatsapp because my fingers cry foul from slaving their limbs typing away. Hehe. I think it's ok not to chat daily because sooner or later we'll move on in life to new things and new people and would only chat once in a blue moon or - i'm not surprised - none at all. But thing is, when we meet again, everything will fall back into place just like ol' times. That's how it is, at least in my opinion.

Gan said that as he ages, he becomes more mellow. I agree to that actually. I don't find certain things funny anymore, my tolerance for childishness is thinning sigh and I rarely find any interest in empty talk. But then sometimes I do make an exception la haha to reconnect with youth. Last time in high school I was so good at making small talk when I meet new people. Now I lost it and thre is awkwardness :( Ah well... with age certain things get lost in between time and space I guess.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

her faith is like the wave of an ocean. 

Sometimes it rides up and down vigorously during a terrible storm with brute force and anger that could devour any unfortunate boat sailing on it. Sometimes when the air is still and humid, it remains stagnant... unmoving... lifeless. On a good day, gentle tufts of waves can be seen softly overlapping each other in rhythm. 

One thing remained constant; its colour; a deep blue hue that could hold your gaze and take your breath away. Sometimes you even ponder on Its existence and how It came to pass. Its intensity can so overwhelming that It always leaves you in awe, reverence and in fear. 

That's what makes an ocean so special and worth believing for. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Everything was wrong that day. 

Her alarm was not functioning, her favourite jeans still not dry from yesterday's wash and she was late for class. Hurriedly, she splashed water on her face, threw on whatever clothes she could find, grab her car keys and sped off to her car. 

Insert key, turn on ignition, shift gear to 'Drive' and step on gas. Hard. 

That was what she did before the crash. 

Oh yes, that crash.

The one where two cars from opposite directions collided.

Banged. Flipped. Skidded. Thrown out. Splattered.

She - late for class. 
Them - driving back from a friend's wedding.
She - alone.
Them - father, mother, son.
She - suffered a broken ribcage.
Them - heaved their last breath two hours later.

Everything was wrong that day.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

life is for living

Alas, my final semester's result is out and praise God, all As with one A-. My aim to graduate with second class upper has come true with 3.6 on the dot!!! I was so happy when I saw the results. Wohoo PTL. Although I didn't get first class honours, 2nd upper is all I could strive for and by God's grace I did it. I proved to myself that I can do it.

On a different note, let's have a bit of a no-brainer post: 
here are a few of my Top 3 favourite things (feel free to do it too and alter it):

1) animated movies: Tangled, Mulan, Prince of Egypt

2) hobbies: piano, reading, doing nothing

3) tv shows: Grey's anatomy, vampire diaries, true detective

4) ice cream flavours: vanilla, caramel, chocolate (with choc chips)

5) malaysian food (this is hard): roti canai, nasi lemak, char kuay teow

6) music: Coldplay, the weepies, jazz instrumental

7) conversations with people: our lives (struggles, happiness, etc), career, nonsense lol

8) things to do when travelling: snap pics, visit new places, stand and soak it all in

9) happy moments (too many! but let's focus on this year's): my final sem results, 24th bday, when my day goes well

10) things to be thankful for (too many): family, my 4 years in uni, my relationship with my Creator.

That's all for now :)