Friday, April 16, 2010

Long journey to go.

Well HELLO there. Long time no update haha.

Hmm... more recent update, CF camp 2010 has passed. Yeah I know time flies so fast. It was good as I felt God was there and He never fails to show up. I think everyone was touched by the camp in some ways, what with a good and empowering speaker like Daniel Tan. He was good and can really relate to the youths. Some of things he said struck me hard and got me thinking...HARD. :D

I think everyone-yes even the school leavers had a blast there, connecting with the younger peeps. Next year I'll be the senior there too! But not as a participant, but as a helper... I feel so OLD. :D Coz I am!

The workload in Form 6 is piling up; real MUET exam next week, mid year exam, trials, and STPM. Reality is finally sinking in, and now I know why my seniors always said they were stressed up in F6. Now I get a taste of it. :-(

But Form 6 is where I learnt a lot on myself (yeah believe it or not) and I have NO regrets coming to F6. I learnt that I am capable of doing something which I thought I CANT do at you Lord for placing me in F6. Everything has been orchestrated by the Lord Himself, and has great great plans 4 me.

Spirit now wielding, and dwelling within me
keep my eyes fixed ever on Jesus' face
Let not the things of this world ever sway me
I'll run till I finish the race.