Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(photo taken from my coursemate's fb album. p/s if u ever chance upon my blog, have a blast there! happy for you + your bright future)

btw the above picture is a real library. as in, a real one. Zomg so beautiful i can stare at it for a long time and imagine myself wandering through the aisles from A - Z and then back to A again, running my fingers along the spines of old and new books, feeling its contours and bumps and minted covers and living the moment of being enveloped by a forest of knowledge and never-ending magic, mystery, ideologies, new beginnings and ends... *shivers with delight*. what a weird way to find pleasure hahaha. 

but seriously, this library looks freaking amazing. It invites a learner to actually study. A very warm and conducive environment. I Love It. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

one day, it gona blow and when it does, it gona be bigggg

Imma say upfront right now that pembelajaran sivik is seriously pointless (and I'm hedging my words here). Why have it when students don't give a hoot about it and it's not even included in as-pee-am. And teachers don't even bother teaching. So why have it??? Is it an outward portrayal of teaching students how to be civilized humans? Is it to fulfill a KPI or some nonessential bs? Or to reflect the morality of the education ministry? 

I really cant wrap my common sense round this. LOL. I find it ridiculously amusing. Question is; what am I to do about it? Join the system? Or try my best to turn bs into something worthy of remembering? And since I'm the minority in a big bucket of wriggling tuna fish (I like talking in metaphors), imma do the latter. hell to the no am i joining the system. but im in it, so... *ironical laugh*

But really.... how did the teachers and students tahan this over the years?! sigh. i really wish something can be done. 

Friday, September 02, 2016

ma boys are back in the 'hood. ABOUT TIME. SOON. :P:P:P:P:P rejoice hallelujah