Thursday, September 26, 2013


lesson learnt: dont walk down a flight of stairs while texting. 

it happened today; i was whtsapping while hurriedly walkin down a short flight of steps & lo and behold I fell forward and felt my ankle twist 90degrees to the left. The pain was immensely intense when I stood up. Had to clench my teeth ok

Then two girls behind me had front row seats to my fall and they went "Gasp!" but none came to help.

 Is it a reflex problem? Did they take time to process my fall and watch me struggle to get up? sigh

whatever it is, I am half-immobile now and it sucks.

i cant walk as freely as i want to. I have to rely on parents n bro to get me stuff -- even menial stuff like my bottle, tissue etc. :S and my left foot looks like mutated. D ankle swelled up to the size of a large ping pong ball. *cries*

 i wish i have clutches with me now to walk. At home I improvised by sitting on a chair that has got rollers beneath n jz roll around the house. hah. rock and roll. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm in third week of uni and it has been pretty tiring. :/ Although there are few subjects, each subj weighs a lot more compared to last sem. I did a lot of thinking during some classes and after that my brain went dry. It's a matter of coping I guess. But the upside is classes either start at 9am, 10am or at 2pm! yay. 

This Sunday is the first xmas choir practice @ church ^^ excited, nervous and scared as it's my first time leading. Learning to trust God in this. May everything go smoothly. :) 

Cheers. Hope you had a good week.

Friday, September 20, 2013

K to the orean

I have a sudden yearning to indulge in korean food again (must be due to runningman influence). The last time I ate Korean was months ago at Little Korea @ solaris mont kiara for a small bday celebration.The food was uhmazzingsauce, prolly the best korean cuisine I've eaten, not like I have it very often oso. But there's something magical about this cuisine that attracts me. Maybe it's the broth, the colours, the spices or whatever that I find it unique.

Below are some korean pics I obtained from Google:

Yes. I love how they put diff. dishes in small bowls. Colourful and inviting. I like their small, fried anchovies. 

Yes again.. spicy octopus. My coursemate Wana whos currently in korea now for student exchange recently had this and she said it was brilliant. *yum*

Another fav is spicy korean soup. I love the aftertaste effect this has, leaving you inhaling for more air to cool your tongue. 

Tteokbokki aka rice cakes in sweet n spicy sauce. Chewy, spicy & filling, this is an absolute must-have when you go for Korean food.

Check out this cool korean food gallery for more delicious pictures. You'll be hooked in no time. 


Monday, September 16, 2013

Drinking vietnamese coffee in the evening today was a bad idea, because i'm now wide awake. :( hence i shall blog about my awesome viet coffee. It's my first time havin it & my rating : 8.5/10. Very aromatic & gives a good kick. Good to have this in the morning to keep u awake.

Vietnamese dripped coffee wit milk. Highly recommended :) You can get this in TCM at a vietnamese restaurant, Pho Hoa. Their noodles are pretty yummy too, almost close to authentic viet noodles. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

it's back again

September reminds me of this mini-stint I did last year. try and spot me in my fav indian blouse ;p

Good experience being in the arts scene of KL, albeit a small part only. If any of you are unfamiliar with this, it's a competition of sorts for budding actors, musicians, dancers and comedians to showcase their talent to you, malaysia. check out more here: S+S  it's happening every sept annually.

hee promoting S+S here pulak. For me I would avoid doing this again while still in uni coz it's seriously hectic and draining. ALtho the performance only takes up 3days, it's tiring coz I had to rush back to my then-college to change and go straight to klpac for tech runs etc.. and not forgetting all the practices before the main event. But if this is your sort of adrenaline rush then go for it :)

 it's also the first time i composed music for a 10minute 'musical'. No joke k, considering how amateurish i am, with little exposure to music composition. But nonetheless it was exhilarating, awesome and cool to display your own music to other people, to be judged at and to have a small cast to dance according to yr own music.

So go for this. priceless experience :)

p/s: is it just me or is september flying past very fast?

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Third Year!

I still haven't gotten over the fact that I'm in my third year in uni. For me, 3rd year is like the threshold, the "climax" of the entire 4-year course. It's diff from 4th yr coz when u reach it u're like, Yeahhh anything goes lah. You're the oldest tree in a sea of young, eager fresh greenery, and they probably see you as Treebeard from LOTR:


I'm half-excited and half not-so-excited about 3rd year :/ It's another cycle in the life of an undergrad. Quoth someone: "The never-ending cycle".

Oh wells.. this sem I'm just gona do my best for myself & for God. I'm gona try quit procrastination (this is a big promise but imma try!). 

Cheers to a new semester come Monday.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

All this while I've been holding firm to my own belief that pianos are much nicer to play than keyboards. But after playing joseph's keyboard at yueensan's wedding 2 years ago, my belief was shaken. 

The keyboard was amazing; it understood perfectly whether i'm gona go into a crescendo or diminuendo mode, adjusting well with my mood. The keys are not too hard or not too light to touch but just nice. And the sound that comes out.. my gosh it's better than my own piano at home.

Conclusion: I have deduced that pianos and keyboards can be on the same level, but for the keyboard it has to be a good one like jo's. I think it's called Roland? no idea. 

Random post indeed. Happy tuesday.

And uni is starting next monday. *groan* maybe it's a sign that I've had enough holidays already.