Monday, April 29, 2013


T-minus six days to General Election. And yep I'll be exercising my right to vote this time. :) 

Anyway, one thing that i don't understand; when i ask someone to serve in sunday school (worship lead, musician) or to play keyboard on a Sunday, when they're in church, then why give me the reason that they have exam period, or they need to study? After all, you're already in church so can serve what. and it only takes 30min to serve in sunday school. i'm sure you can spare just half an hour. Exam periods, so what? You can have the whole day to yourself after your serving bah. Unless you're spiritually tired, then of course by all means take a rest. 

Like the keyboard, for instance. Keyboardists are accompanying the main pianists for Sunday morning worship at 8.30am until 9.15am. So why can't someone play the keyboard within that time frame? and what's more, they're actually IN church, but with the reason that they're having exam period. Hmm. 

Just sacrifice 30min/1 hour boleh tak, for God. To be honest it can get discouraging, having people say No to worship leading, to playing piano/guitar etc most of the time. If there are uncontrollable circumstances, that i totally understand. But what if there aren't any? Ah wells. I can't force 'em to serve, because being forced to serve is no point at all kan. Might as well don't. 

Every time I feel discouraged, I'm reminded of the reason whom I'm doing this for, and it keeps me going. 

And so, here's a mini-rant from a worship coordinator. :P Now I understand what they're going through.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


the reason why i don't blog so often is 'cause i'm focusing on assignments and life in general. :) Haha. hello, it's been a while. 

Lately I've been pretty busy until I lost track and got confused of who're the musicians playing for sunday service and youth coz I'm in charge of getting ppl to play for which month etc etc. :/ second year uni is no walk in the park. People think it is but it ain't. I have deadlines to meet, forums, presentations... and on top of that, my responsibility in church and home too. Believe me, it gets tiring sometimes. 

So, my deepest and sincerest apology to all events/meetings/ whatever that I've been missing. It's because I feel that I need a time-out for myself to chill. Not sure if you know what I mean, but deep down I'm sure you do. I wish to have another 1 week break to get more sleep and physical rest. don't worry, im not on the brink of insanity. i just need to chill lah.

Ah well... life won't stop for you or me. You gotta keep up with its pace. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

all these things

mm i would love to wake up to this view! so breathtaking, so enlightening it'll definitely put me in a good mood every morning. I'll prolly add some drapes or blinders to shut the sun out when too bright. But wouldn't it be so cheerful and calming if the source of light in your house is the natural light from the sun itself. Like my F6 lit tuition teacher's house; she has two very big windows  that allow the rays to stream in. very nice, very inspiring. like this: 

i think i'm obsessed with big windows.. they make your house look more warm, cosy, welcoming. :) Below are a few pics of warm and fuzzy houses I would love to stay in: 

if i have a living room like this, wow I wouldn't mind staying home for 365 days and having parties and makans over.

aw man. so pretty! perfect for slumber parties, journaling, studying, sleeping etc. (ps pics from google and weheartit) In short, I love houses with big windows!!!

Btw. Happy 1week midsem break!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

just do it!

"because success need hard work."

Don't just say and do nothing! Do it!