Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ahahaha i love love puns. Plus, I'm a downright procrasti-later :P

Monday, April 18, 2016

these are real snapshots taken by my friend last year (i think). He went to New zealand (?) or was it UK. Looks very surreal and instagram-worthy right. I like the calmness and serenity going on there, no stress of eating knotted grass. I wish I could be there, spreading a mat on the grass with packed sandwiches and just do some cow/lamb-watching. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Entering week 8 with much trepidation because that's when the workload starts to pile up T.T unfinished assignments that I need to address soon because whenever a day passes by, it reminds me of the deadline drawing nearer. T.T 

recently i went for an interview together with my coursemates. It came as a surprise as I was not expecting anything at all... anyways, I went for it on thurs and it was a relatively easy and smooth one as the tough questions were not directed at me but at the other candidates from other universities. I wonder why. I was sort of bored because they kept talking and beating round the bush until the interviewers cut them off. And then kena tembak sumore, gulp. At one point I could not understand what the interviewees were rambling about until the frown that I was holding back so badly decided to unleash itself across my forehead. oops. perhaps talking a lot does not mean that one is knowledgeable. 

I'm glad that's passed so that I can give my full attention in completing my assignments. The reason why I've been putting my assignments off is because I am clueless on which angle to approach. T.T and the deadline is 4 days away omggg shiz

ok la signing off now. ttfn