Friday, September 28, 2012

i just had to.

is anything wrong with the sentence? 

u can hire me&my tesl mates to proof-read your website nanti k f.o.c sumore. no hard feelings i still lup u


pendek & manis

so here're some pictures from our first opening night of Short + Sweet Musical 2012! :)

these pictures were taken from Short+Sweet fb by the awesum photographer Sergei & also S+S blog.

opening speech by big names in the arts scene, Joe & faridah.

the beautiful cast.

from L-R: joanna, jeswey, melissa, weilyn and aaron.

curtain call!

awesome people behind background music :) !

2more nights to go & the curtains will close on this. looking forward to it but at the same time dreading it! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's here!

finally, my short&sweet musical has arrived! It's happening tmr 26-29th sept at klpac. 

so excited :) can't wait for it to be over so that I can prioritize on other things (like studies and choir). it has been a long but fun and exciting journey working with the cast and crew. Hope we can win at least one award which is glitz and glamour!!


Friday, September 21, 2012


when are they gona be here? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


sem 1 of year 2 has begun! No more being the wide-eyed blur freshie but the more experienced sophomore. i think.;p I have classes every mon-thurs at 8am and it has been a struggle getting up early every day. darn. morning classes are such a pain! :( classes are all right, no biggie. Am looking forward to poetry and everything that has to do with eng lit. :)

i met two juniors who are in courses that a) was my first choice & which i wanted so much and b)i was actually considering of taking. choice a) is of course English and b) is music. haha. talking to them made me asked myself; what if i took one of those courses? and how would things be right now. would i be happy? sad? hmm.

 i was greatly intrigued by what took place in the music course. i heard from one junior that majority are classical pianists with a minority of cellists, vocalists (they hv tht?!) and saxophonists. If I were to masuk, i sure won't fit in classical coz i lost touch.. but maybe under the contemporary/songwriter/hymnic genre if they have? i doubt lah. 

but anyway. i can't help but think what would have become if i were in either two. and to be honest i can't help but feel a tinge of envy+regret because they got what they wanted, something that they loved doing. :/ Im in year 2 and I still have bits and pieces of reluctance in me about my course. hahah i must be wonky. But hey I can't help it. however, tesl has helped me a lot actually. i know i'm innit for a reason, and yup He has plans for me in tesl. dont know what, i shall wait and see. 

have a good week peeps. (: countdown: 10days more 'til Short+Sweet Musical! SO excited because, I think we're pretty good, seeing how far we've come. Yup you've no idea. And some more my first ever musical/music composition I've entered/fixed up! but that i shall leave it for another blog post. 'Ta!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

"let my people go".

actually i quite malas to update my blog but lately i've been watching a few animated films and I think there's one that's worth mentioning: the prince of egypt.

i remembered watching this when i was a kid but i didn't know how to appreciate the movie as a whole; the storyline, the music, the emotions etc.. but now, I am in awe lah of their musical arrangements...flawlessly crafted and shaped ie the change of keys, from minor to major chord with some augmented and diminish chords, d bckground orchestra n choir, d composition and arrangement itself is..gah......too awesomesauce to say it here.. even thinking about it gives me good chills. so yes tht's how good it is. pls go watch. and be amazed.

also, the emotions running through Moses! cant imagine. overwhelmed, guilt, hope, confusion, betrayal. Very moving. One of the very best animated films of all time. Notice how each music arrangement fits a specific scene so very well that that scene sprung to life and hehe made me tear up. I felt as though, I lived in that era and I was there when all that happened. So moving and amazing i cant stop gushing over it.

do watch it. :)

thts all tata. oh ya forgot to mention uni's starting shucks.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

let's waste time

"..and just forget the world.?"