Thursday, January 21, 2010

(: i cant wait for the hols! Haha so random.
Oh u know, yest i went atria to look 4 my Eng Lit novel by Jean Rhys and i found the most awesome place ever to get great books that are quite cheap:the big bookshop. I think thts the name la.

It's like a huge place filled with books! And affordable too. A James Patterson book which costs rm15-rm19.90. So WORTH it.

So on my birthday which is coming soon(hint hint), juz gimme rm100(or more) and i'll shop there till i.m satisfied.

I LOVE that shop!! Go check it la. Hee.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tien mie is .........

taking English Literature for STPM.

No business studies. yay!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Aloha! Online for a really short while only. Well, it has been a week since school started. Er so far it’s not bad, and it’s not good either. Just, okay! Haha.

I find this year much tougher than last year, because it’s STPM year! Yep. And most probably for the rest of 2010 I’ll only blog about school and studies. Heh. But..yeah it’s tougher with responsibilities and so much to catch up on. :-/ Rely rely rely on God fully !

Today was the first day of CF 2010 ! woot. And we have 84 people who turned up, PTL man, not including the school leavers XD. Saw wai yan tday and yeah was encouraged to see her back in school. ;)

Oh. And I just found out that my church is one of the four churches that have been ‘bombed’.  Why is there so much fuss over a small matter ? Yeah, I’m annoyed at that. Simply targeting churches over that matter is just absurd. Grr. But whatever it is, who am I to judge ? Let God be the judge here, for He is just hehehe. Do not be discouraged but continue to pray.

Okays. I’m enjoying the weekends to the fullest before school starts.

Tata !