Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear blog,

Today marks the third week of my injury. There is progress in healing, but I'm still unable to walk normally. I tried to, but there will be an uncomfortable jolt in my ankle. Why is it healing so slow?? :( And i noticed my left foot's muscles have weakened a lot. Sigh. Limping for 3 weeks already and I don't want it to be a permanent limp!

But a sprained ankle doesn't stop me from enjoying good food. FInally, I had authentic korean food!!! Yay. Sizzling pork slices, anchovies, kimchi, seafood kimchi soup etc at Little Korea, Solaris. It was real good. Thank u, gongcha whtsapp group for layaning my lunch request & being patient with my slow walking.

Till then we meet again, blog. I don't think I'll be updating very often since I'm getting busier.Hopefully my foot will be healed 100% the next time i blog. 


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It has been a week since my sprained ankle and thank God it is healing. I can now limp and walk REal slowly which is a big improvement compared to last wk where i had to hop. Oh well. Lesson learnt. Doc says I should not walk unless i have pressing matters to attend to :(

A pic my close friend Hor Fun posted on my wall: 

hahaha. So apt. 

On a different note, I saw this pic online and it's such a great picture - being caught off-guard. In case you didn't already know, they're both best friends in real life. So sweet. 

On another different matter, the pic below is taken from a friend's fb album. She's been travelling around for student exchange and this happens to be in a library in Amsterdam. How. Cool. Click to enlarge and you'll be amazed. 

That's all. Today's post is all over the place haha. Have a good week. :)

Btw first choir practice was pretty good, praise God!