Saturday, January 21, 2017


I stumbled upon a short snippet of vampire diaries, labelled "the salvatore brothers are back". and i felt guilty because I am (or was?) a VD fan until their previous season, where things just got weird and ridiculous. And i told myself I'd watch ep 1 of the new season and i did, but i couldnt stomach it. Agh nooo what's become of my VD blood in my veins??? noooo

sherlock, on the other hand, was not too bad, but at one point I felt the story progressed way too fast, but then the producers covered the tracks nicely and it ended quite okay. My rationalization kicked in too cuz each season only has 3 eps, and how can one condense everything to 3 eps?!? impossibru. So, because of that, I think the producers did a good job. Or maybe cuz I'm biased because I heart sherlock!

this post is a work-free post. lol. dedicated to the only shows I watch now: sherlock, runningman and grey's anatomy. AND fresh off the boat (my fav asian family)

adios amigos

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I never knew what dread meant until it was the day before school reopens. I felt as if there was a dark cloud above my head. I dread going back to the place I hate but love, funnily. 

Alas, I sat myself down and spoke to me, internally in my head; I can choose to be dreadful about it, or I can choose to be positive about it. I have a choice on how I should feel about this damning situation which, is no damnation at all. It's just part of life. 

And so I chose the latter, with a dose of prayer. It went uphill after that, but when the hour draws near to the 'dreadful' moment, my spirits crashed again. Tears eventually sprang forth, and I let it flow. Whatever, let them tears channel my dread.

And then I went to sleep, and woke up, with less dread. This is just the beginning of my journey but at the end of the road I have a HOPE i can cling to, a faithful God who will see me through every moment.

I will hope on that.