Sunday, March 22, 2015

great getaway

A few of us went to PD over the weekend recently for Joanna's wedding and although I thought it would disrupt my daily routines, I found it a good and much-needed getaway from easter practices, thesis, responsibilities and worries. It was short, but I had a great time of fellowship with my fellow church mates to get to know them better and to talk silly and random stuff. I enjoyed it :) 

Pictures below courtesy of Ames:

Me and Ames. I enjoyed catching up wit u on stuff and about d going-ons in your life. I'm always encouraged by ur presence, cheerfulness, encouragement & support. Will miss you lots :'(

1/4 of the crew before the wedding. Check out the blue sea of PD behind

Pretties in a lift. 

The 'after-party'/chillout session that consisted of beer towers, taboo, chitchat & singing games. Twas a good night of berbonding & fellowship!

This short trip was surprisingly refreshing. I'll miss this when some leave but all's not doom and gloom coz thre's still chance to meet up. But... things will be different. Ah well... Cheers to good memories & good times like this ^.^

Monday, March 16, 2015

reality check

I received news few months back that a few people whom I look up to and who have helped me so much in church productions are leaving. 

Sad news. For 3 years they have taught, guided, encouraged & supported me and have shaped a part of me to be who I am today. They've shared their experiences and opened up their homes, picked and sent me back, gave me all her S3 handphone covers (haha) and lots more. 

So the news of them leaving was more than a shock. :( Anyhow... there's a reason for everything, and imma have a farewell makan before they leave to sort of say a proper goodbye and to thank them for all they've done.

 I will miss u guys! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

cheers to middle earth & its inhabitants

Repost from Jan 2014. Warning, long post ahead and read at your own risk.

My wish has been fulfilled during sem break: to have a Lord of d Rings movie marathon!! :) w00t. i've been yearning for time to have one and when the opportunity came, I seized it. All three volumes of the film were devoured in a span of 4 days! ;) I'm proud hee and happy that I decided to re-watch 'em at a different age with a different mindset and I was not let down.

The trilogy was amazing, brilliant, astounding... perhaps there are not enough words to express my awe for it. To watch all three of them consecutively was like a wholesome journey that spoke about friendship, challenges faced, sacrifices made, betrayal, loyalty, courage... gah I cant sum it all up! It's that mind-blowing. 

Certain scenes like the ones where Aragorn courageously prepped the horde of soldiers at the Black Gate to face the many Orcs, Nazguls, trolls et cetera i.e. the Impending Doom was inspiring. Aragorn's courage was in full bloom in that scene and viewers like myself looked back at how in the beginning he was just a Strider who bottled up his immense potential as the heir to the throne, who kept running away from being a King but in the end, his strength revealed and his glory rightfully bestowed to him. That flow of change in Aragorn was indeed inspiring. 

I liked how the friendship in the fellowship of the ring (8 of them only coz boromir died) was so strong that they were willing to die for one another. Cue the part where Aragorn turned back to his army and mouthed, "For Frodo" before running into the herd of black armies at the Black Gate where he and the rest foresaw they would not survive the war, but did it anyway for Frodo. Also, the scenes with Sam and Frodo were so touching that I teared up lol coz it's so pure and heart-warming. *wipes tears*

Brilliant movie, all in all. By far LOTR is THE best movie of all time. So many values and lessons to learn from. (im totally analysing the movie like a lit student haha). Cheers to good movies like LOTR. Evoked so much emotions in the viewers. If you're unable to feel my enthusiasm for the movie then I don't know how else to spark your fire. No excuses for it being boring. :P 

* * * 
And then another repost on Nov 2014 as a follow-up:

Alas, I finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The last time I read it was in 2011 but I stopped 1/4 in The Return of the King because then, I felt it was too long and windy. But recently, for the past 1 week, I savoured every detail & description of this trilogy and when I came to the ending, I got teary-eyed when Frodo decided to leave the Shire & his hobbit mates. To many, it may be nothing but to me I guess I connected deeply with these characters & I've seen how they've endured so much throughout their journey in Middle-Earth. Not only the hobbits but for the rest of the company who journeyed in this quest; aragorn, legolas, gandalf (!), boromir & gimli. 

Great, great book this is. Worth re-reading. No regrets at all. Tolkien is a genius. He brought to life his ideas of a fictional Middle-Earth & its inhabitants, all brilliantly woven in this book. Such a gem!! I don't mind reading this again 3 years down the road =) When I have kids (if I do) I would definitely ask them to read this book.

* * *
I dunno but I just felt like doing a tribute to this amazing amazing trilogy. How can someone so brilliant like Tolkien not only weave an entirely new world but bring life to each and every character in it? 

Long live The Lord of the Rings in my heart, mind and soul.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I got ridiculously excited when I saw this in my kitchen:
how often do you find a sticker on a bunch of bananas that rhymes with banana?! Banana cabana! Copacabana (barry manilow's famous song). ok I'm so lame. 

This sem is packed man. I have to juggle church easter production, thesis, uni, youth work and final year uni production. *inhale exhale* 

Did I take on more than I can handle? hmm.