Monday, April 30, 2012


"What got muted was the message that Malaysians stood up to be counted over the issue of free and fair elections. If the number that showed up was reported, it got buried in the pile of the more dramatic reports about the violence..."

take a read :) you wana take sides or dont want to, it's up to you. But reading this has more truth than reading from mainstream media.

Where has the truth gone to? If the media is reporting what is supposedly the 'truth' but it's lies, isn't it a complete oxymoron? A paradox? Do they actually think the rakyat doesn't know the truth? the way i see it, it's like an ironic piece of literature (i took Lit in form6 haha pun intended).

anywayyyy tmr is a holiday!!! w0000t

Saturday, April 28, 2012

In lieu of it.

you all will be in my prayers.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ok that's it: one of the things to learn before i die is to go for Jazz piano classes. arghh listening to all the jazz piano struts on youtube and not being able to play can be pretty frustrating.

gah. meh. 

Week 10...

... of semester two, 2012. Guess what? four more weeks of lectures, then exams 'til middle of June, and then I'm as free as a bird & officially a first year student of UM. w00t! Will come up with a detailed post about being a Year 1 student soon. haha.

anyway do you know this band below?
taken from good ol' friend, Google.

 So about this band right, I remembered hearing this song on the radio when I was a kid.  And being a kid I never knew how to appreciate these kind of music like The Beatles, the beach boys, Sade, The Wonders and so on. I used to think that they were terrible music meant for old people in their 50s and above.

Fast forward to 10 years later (as in now), the oldies' music is one of my fav genres to listen to haha so ironic right. i guessed my capacity to store music in my brain has expanded over the years, hence the topic of maturity surfaces etc blabla.

A quick fact about The Archies: they're a garage band formed by Archie Andrews, Reggie & Jughead. Please tell me you read their comics. It's my staple book diet when I was a kiddo. if you haven't, you gotta get one copy of it!!! pronto!!

if i were to choose between being good in studies or music, I would pick music. Yes, music over studies! What's the point of being so dang good in your studies i.e. Einstein the Second but yet, you cannot enjoy enjoy music at its simplest (or most complex) form? Like the blending of voice harmonies, fancy chords and off-beat timing alwayzzz give me goose bumps haha. so it's definitely music over studies anytime, anyday. agree right?

Monday, April 23, 2012

so be it

so, i've got a new look for blogger. Looks sleeker, cleaner... It's all about adapting to change because, change is constant. whether we want it, or not. Easy to say, not easy to apply. hee welcome to life.

But I tweeted this: "Life = studies, assignments, commitments to church and cf, friends, happy and sad moments. bad or good, God remains the same. that's comforting". Yes He remains the same, he remains faithful. Today for worship we sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness." and Im reminded that He is forever faithful when I'm not. 

Life is a very general & subjective topic. When people ask me "so how's life?" i usually answer the usual, 'oh good good, like that lah". It's like me summing up my 21 years of my life in a sentence. Not a very good question to ask huh next time haha. kidding. But what IS life? Is it surviving 24 hours a day, mingling and expanding your social life, graduating and getting an awesome job, get married and have kids and grow old together? Because yes, it is. One out of three parts of it. :) And I like this part.

The second part of life is going through every heartache, sadness, sorrow, happiness, joy, elation; you name it- every emotional feeling that will make you grow, reflect, and learn from it to be more mature, to be a 'better' person. This second part deals with our emotions, challenges etc a.k.a Life's Experiences.

Finally the third part is: knowing Jesus. Because knowing him, gives us Life, gives us peace, gives us assurance and comfort when we 

have a good week! :) i'm pretty excited for my looOong sem break which is 5 weeks away. W00t!!! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

be clean.

being 21 gives me the liberty of obtaining the Approval stamp on everything. Hence, it's a compulsory ticket to adulthood & to many more years of learning, hardships and whatnot.

It also symbolizes my legality as a voter. Mmhmm Legal with the capital L, babe. To those who're aged 21 and above, I hope you still remembered your childlike excitement when you first registered as a voter. To those not of age yet, it's ok because your time's coming soon, so hold on to that excitement!! It's worth the wait.

For those aged 21 and have already registered, well congratulations for we are in the same boat. :) I am very pumped up to exercise my voting rights!! aren't you?? With all the political mish-mash and highs and lows going on, aren't you excited for the movement that's about to take msia by storm very soon? *hint*

I mean, this could actually be The Start of Something New.

Monday, April 16, 2012

so, when one is tired of facing one's books and notes for almost 3hours, what does one do to de-stress?

1) listen to music and close one's eyes.
2) jump around. no kidding.
3) doodle.
4) check out friend's food pics. Ok not a very good idea.
5) dream. conjure up situations and place one's self in them. how silly.

All done within a span of 30-45minutes.

thank you for reading, one shall return to the choking chains of Notes now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

have you ever treated a friend in a way like always looking out for him/her & jaga-ing coz he/she's younger than you but they......dont really appreciate it? =/

sometimes i ask myself, why do i bother going great lengths doing what most ppl my age wont do. am i being silly? why am i being so nice when people, or friends even, take my niceness for granted. why do i still do it? why do i take the extra effort to care for the youth younger than me when ppl my age/older dont wana, or they dont bother?

maybe ...because.... i've been through the teen stage where young ones need to fit in/ they're succumbing to peer pressure i've been thre before. and it's hmm good to have someone older to ask 4 advice. i thinking too mature-ish for my age? i duno.

but whatever it is, i know i've changed & hv matured much frm my sweet 16 days. yep.. 21 sinks in..more questions brewing in my mind.. so back to the main point. wad wud a 21 yr old adult do if her kindness is being taken for granted? wwjd? shrug it off..? push it aside.? most probably.. 4 the time being, just....let it be. let it go. kindness...should not b long as im doing it for God, it's ok .

everything's ok.

Friday, April 13, 2012

rain in a draught

"Hang on to His promises."

"You are in UM for a purpose.."

Today, I heard these two lines that I've been longing to hear, to be reminded of. Pastor daniel tan's talk today was like a knife to my heart. lol. It was like .. rain in a draught. Something I needed to hear for so long, something to fill my restless heart and soul. What he said, I hung on to his every word. Indeed, as he prayed, may God speak to us in this room. And God did. To me.

The sermon today is still so real, so tangible in my mind. I regretted not bringing pen and paper. lol. But ... i'm kind of speechless right now.. haha.. God truly knows my heart, how I've been feeling throughout this sem and He shook me up. Thank you God. I....There's no words to describe how refreshed I felt today...

To sum everything up (yeah I cant even type it out here because .. the feeling is just so... euphoric, so...*speechless) , it's EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

tq God. tq.

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
And I will be still....and know you..are God

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Up with the Birds*

great news this morning: Class at 9am cancelled. *dances around like a sakai*

see, small things like these make life sunnier. :)

i thank God this week is coming to an end! I can't wait for weekends. When will I ever be free from uni's responsibilities? never. it has chained me. nah it'll end when i graduate.

A good friend told me yesterday that the yf/youth is dying. Huh? Dying spiritually? or in numbers? he said both, everything lah. Hmm betul meh? well the people innit are definitely different, we have more young ones nw and all the oldies have left. Is it because of cliques? Because it's true, we do have cliques.

Every church/cf is facing this la and i think to curb this it has to start from one's initiative to step out and talk to other peeps. believe me, we're all guilty that we have our own cliques. Admit it. Oh what's that? You don't? then you deserve this = *applause* but yeah even the most pious christian has cliques. Hehe yes I'm saying this openly because it's true. :)

But anyway, back to yf. Erm I don't really know whether it's true as I only help out in the music department and then chao afterwards but..if most of the youth are feeling like that then..something..needs to be done. but first, before you jump the gun and say yf is dying, what is the cause? If the cause is everything, then it's..hard because everything is subjective. And if we were to change everything it's not a one-nightly change. It takes time. Yeah...i think identifying the root of the 'dying' claim would be a good start.

I'm blogging about this because it's an issue that surfaces from time to time in chats with my church peers, and yf is a place where ppl like me went to and grew & learnt so much (notice the past tense. yeah im old)'s erm yea pretty important to me to be aware lah of this.

*Up with the Birds is one of my fave songs from Coldplay. Don't you just LOVE THEM. :D

Monday, April 09, 2012

life in a nutshell

so april's here! time flies like super fast. 7 more weeks and lectures will come to an end, and then bye bye Sem2. I am so looking forward to that!!! tahan, tm, tahan. it'll come. To be honest I have to literally drag myself to pack my barang yesterday to come back to The Hole. Yeah so teruk right but I'm sorry i can't help it.

isn't it normal when hols end, everybody dreads going back to the old routines? Exactly my point.

but home and church are the best places to destress and to..feel like a PJ girl once again, whatever that means. there's no place like home. True that.

anyway i had a nasty bout of diarrhoea/food poisoning on saturday which spoilt my saturday urgh! But phew thank God I'm 95% cured today. :) what am i to do without my mum's care for me? she took care of me when i was having this terrible tummy ache, and i feel loved :)

have a good week, i hope i do. blergh

Thursday, April 05, 2012

just a little.

the hols are coming to an end. shucks. but I should be thankful that there's even a holiday in the first place. SO what did I do during the God-gifted hols?

I chilled, ate, facebooked, rested, read a book, went out makan :) the past few days were bliss. Too bad hol's coming to an end. Too bad it is.

but let's look forward to the 4month break after this sem. Now that's more worth waiting.

anyway. [pause] did you hear that?!?

that sound. that drumbeat. the pumping of fists into the air. Stomp, stomp, stomp; the thousands of feet uprooting the ground. Trickles of sweat streaming down, furrowed eyebrows, mouths twisted into an "O". A plethora of yellow mass.

The contagious euphoria spreading like wildfire.

It's coming soon.

wink wink.

if you know what i'm talking about, you're smart. hee

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

sharing is caring

strangely enough, sometimes friends are the ones who're selfish and conceited.

i have this one friend who doesn't want to lend her notes to people, because she was the one who took the trouble to search for notes, so she doesn't want other people to get the same benefits like her.

sometimes, friends are the ones who can cause tension and annoyance compared to outsiders. kan? but of course we have to tolerate them, because they're our friends. but if they do step over the line, I believe it's also a friend's duty to tell them off in a non-threatening manner.

so what can we do when we have friends like these?

For starters, we can choose NOT to be like them, but be different, be more understanding, kind, caring. I mean, the kind of friends like them in this world is already enough la. The world needs more people who're tolerant and understanding.

I'm sure you have some friends who're a pain too right. Don't be in denial, everyone has at least one friend like that.

but think about it; these friends are the ones who remind us to never be like them, to never treat our friends like how they've treated us. Aha, a beautiful disaster after all. Oxymoron.

p/s: enjoy the hols, before it ends!!! argh.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

you can put the past away.

"hello there, the angel from my nightmare.."

lsitening to Blink 182 in the wee hours of the morning = gives me the chills, in a good way.

ok so list of things to do for this 1 week break:
1) have some rest time for myself.
2) go out with friends. makan trip, movie, lunch.
3) play as much piano as possible
4) play as much guitar as possible
5) read A Thousand Splendid Suns
6) prepare for Good Friday/Easter
7) facebook. blog. twitter. stalk as much as possible
8) mcds galore.
9) watch the remaining movies nadia gave me.

i think that's about it :) for now. you too have a splendid holiday, if you're a uni student that is.