Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today I looked up the behind the scenes of Lord of the Rings and immediately I was reminded of the magnificent scenes in the trilogy that left me in awe and wonder. Clearly this is the best movie of all time because the production is so, so big and all the actors had to stay in NZ for 15months (imagine leaving your family etc behind for that  long period) to film this. And.. every little detail counts in making this movie spectacular; from the costumes to the set design and even to the stunt doubles for actors. Amazing.

Once my finals are over imma do a LOTR movie marathon. :) yay

on a side note, i haven't been doing any reading lately. I didn't pick up any novels to read, sigh. Too busy perhaps. I miss the feeling of reading. :/

Oh well.. so many things to do after my finals! can't wait then :) Have a good week 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Precious Search

Searching, searching and searching, but still she could not find
the One thing that brings fulfilment 
to the Soul;
The One thing that is the missing piece
to Life's puzzle;
that promises an eternal fountain of 
and Love;

The One thing that also allows trials and tribulations
so that we can learn to grow
and trust
in the One who is in control.
This One thing is precious -- more precious 
than silver or gold.
It is a relationship
with the One 
who carried the Cross
and paid the Price

She found what she was looking for;
that ray of Light amidst the blanket of darkness.
A new heart, mind and soul,
she was never the same again,
for to live is Christ
and to die is gain.


Friday, November 01, 2013

Wow Hello November :) Time flies indeed. Speaking about time, I recall the latest bible study class last Sun. The person heading the study asked us, who created God? And he said God existed even before time. Wow. I remembered being refreshingly amazed and in awe of this. :)

Anyway... good news, my ankle is healing & no fractures. Finally went to see an orthopaedic surgeon & he gave me some physiotherapy exercises to do at home. See, all the trouble I had to go through by just one silly mistake of texting and walking down steps. Memang padan muka saya.

All is good so far. Getting busier as xmas/assignment deadlines draw nearer. But somehow I still manage. God helps me to stay afloat. 

I can do this! Nov, you are mine to conquer.