Monday, October 10, 2016



I feel so happy looking at them.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Hello there... I have been in hibernation from blogging because of the amount of stuff I gotta do. Finally, Friday is here and students are having exams. Hallelujah no more teaching (I hope) for this year. But gotta jaga exams la. So far the journey has been like a roller coaster ride. There were ups and there were downs. There was fairness and then there was inequality right down to the division of responsibilities and protocols. sigh. It's ok, I'm learning things as I go.

Recently I taught my kids about the effects of war and I brought in Hitler and how he killed 6 million Juice and I went on about concentration camps, segregation of Jews etc etc. The point I drilled in was how a man so caught up in his own twisted logic generalized all Juice to be diabolical, thus killing millions of innocent lives

Funnily enough I saw a friend posted a status on social media (which I think she was just joking) on pinpointing things to the Juice' agenda. Hmm really? *scratches chin* she may be joking, but to me, in my honest and very personal opinion I sensed some subtle traces of contempt, perhaps laced with mockery in generalizing all Juice as scheming. To me it says a lot about your own negative beliefs about them Juice just by a sentence. If one cant find a blame to something, blame it on the Juice yo. Semua pasal yahudi. Question is, does everyone believe that too? Has there been some indoctrination going on, institutionalizing every mind to the point of absorbing blindly without questioning?

 I completely respect her opinion and her reason for that but likewise I too have the right to my own opinions. Agree to disagree. After all this is my blog and my space to dispose my trapped thoughts. Lol. 

Cheers. Remember, knowledge is one thing. but where did you acquire knowledge from, and how do you know it is right/wrong? Always, always question things. Dont accept info at face value. Ciaozers