Tuesday, October 21, 2014

good times  #nostalgic 

all the fun we had; the drillings from the boss aka the conductor, the berbonding moments over correct notes with my alto members, vocal warm-ups, making fun of each other during pracs, taking candid shots during practices, putting make-up for one another, travelling to Nilai together, the discussions n chats wit boss, praying together collectively as a choir before our performances, the hustle and bustle of our full dress rehearsal, the excitement of hearing everyone sing beautifully in harmony, the concentration on the conductor and the feelings/emotions we evoke while singing, the discretion of getting everyone's written farewell messages for the conductor right under his nose (haha), the aftermath of our performance which included a lot of Yays and hugging and snapping pix and handing the farewell msgs to a surprised conductor and finally snapping this pic. It was a fun group to be with. :')

Good times indeed. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Seeing all my seniors' graduation pictures makes me think of my turn next year (!!!) and about the future. I can't wait to graduate :) To me, the pinnacle of graduation is not in high school or college or kindie, but in university. It's significant to me coz uni's the highest form of education and if one graduates from it, then... one has indeed made it this far. Congrats, seniors. You did it! All the best in you future endeavours and your new phase in life. 

As I sit here and type, I can see my future after graduation looking a lil hazy. Lol.. this is something every soon-to-be graduate will face. Decisions and decisions! Which will be the best? *pulls hair* Time to talk to seniors, my bro, parents and peers older than me to get advice. I'm excited for what the 'haze' has in store after grad :) 

As for now, I'll just enjoy my mid-sem break chilling and thinking about christmas. Cheers!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

semester break is coming and I still think I'm in the first week of lectures. Too chilled, too relaxing. -.-" gahh. Is this what fourth year 1st sem feels like? 

neways, a church buddy asked me to be his wedding pianist.. my first time to be a pianist @ a wedding.. (performances in wedding doesnt count.) He's not just any person but my music guru who taught me how to play much better on piano i.e. the chords, timing, syncopated timing etc. And because of him passing down his music knowledge to me, I now am trying to pass it down to other younger pianists too. And to be asked to play for his wedding... wow...me, a small fry playing for the music boss' wedding?? it makes me feel honoured, humbled and excited to be a part of the making of a beautiful and a memorable wedding. Heartiest congrats!

btw it's mid-Oct.. zzzzzzzzzzzz nitez

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hate getting sick

This week I got sick T.T viral infection in my digestive system. sounds bad but yeah it was pretty bad  ok  i vomited 4 times and had slight fever + bad sorethroat. and doc gave me a strict diet of only half a toasted bread and porridge as these food are the only food that can be digested. and am confined to easily digested home-cooked food for a few days. :( . but now I'm on the road to recovery. feeling a lot better but not fully recovered yet. Hate getting sick. :(

take care of yourselves and be wary coz the infection i got is from the air. Must be i went to my uni's KPS makan place where all students were there so virus thrives there. -_- dang. if only i chose not to go kps that day then this wouldn't happen. 

Now's the season to get married.. recently my church mate got married and it was a very lovely wedding :') next year 2 more church pals are getting married and  I cant wait for theirs!! :) marriages are a lovely thing.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today I met some of my students when I went back to school today to teach the peralihan kids. After 1 month, it was really good to see 4 of them again! Now it's exam period so I'm glad that some of them are going to the main library in PJ state to study. Good.. Reminds me about 3 months ago how I dread teaching in their class but now I miss teaching them. Hence today's informal meet up with them made my day :)

Neways, now my focus is to teach the peralihan kids who need a lot more help in their basics like their ABC's and spelling. Cute kids really, all small, chubby, innocent but cheeky. Very cheeky. I hope they will remain innocent throughout high school, which is usually not the case sadly. 

Cheers to all the teachers around the world who have the heart and will to educate kids in high schools, primary, kids with special needs and kindies. :)