Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nowadays I'm quite bad at making small talk, especially when I meet new people :S We'll talk for a while and then silence =.= and then talk again and then *crickets*. But eventhough I'm bad I still try to come up with conversation topics. Hm maybe it's an introvert thing. The world generally favours extroverts because they're more fun and boisterous.

We introverts can be fun too in our own space and time. It's just that the world has a general perception that introverts are boring and quiet. And it's because of their warped thinking and lack of acceptance, some introverts think that they're not accepted and may even tilt towards self-blame. Aiya everyone has their pros and cons and extroverts are no exception too.

So just embrace your uniqueness and your quirky habits, even if you can't make small talk at all :) 

anyway lookie here haha:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Random thought processes:

I need to pull up my socks in order to catch up

I can't wait to graduate

Priorities should be set straight

I need good time management

Amazed at my church friend's dogs - very very smart and wise

Friends who need to learn to think on their own and not depend on me on everything. yeap right down to the smallest of details also mau cari saya. How to grow up like that

I would like to have indian rojak and musang king ice cream!!

Ok, thought processes end here. Ttfn

Friday, September 18, 2015

the day we saw red

The day we saw red
fear was thick in the air
together with anger and hatred
many felt things were unfair.

The day we saw red
hopelessness hung in the air
a man was found dead
warning the swords of justice to beware.

The day we saw red
was a celebration of unity
but some felt they were too thoroughbred
and denounced the rest of the community.

The day we saw red
some hoped for peace
and to greener grass have fled
who will help this conflict cease?

The above was beautifully and aptly penned by my good friend, Al. It struck too many right notes of the reality I'm in. We're stuck in this big sticky web of selfishness, self-righteousness and greed and the ones at the fringes, the ones who had nothing to do with spinning the web are caught in it as well.

Injustice is as injustice can be.

Monday, September 07, 2015

i haven't been religiously drinking coffee every morning for a month+ and I thought I would have terrible withdrawal symptoms but surprisingly, no I didnt have any. It was as though my body was as per normal as it was. In fact, it was much better as I found myself to be more genuinely productive, meaning I had the intention tht derived from my own will to do stuff rather than on caffeine that pumps my adrenaline level to be productive.

I only drink coffee when I'm super sleepy and then that helps. And also when I go out with friends. That's about it. But on a daily basis, nahh. I'm happy I got to quit my 'addiction' haha. Besides, too much coffee is heaty. And erm prolly can get you addicted on caffeine and psycho your thoughts that you'll never be able to quit taking caffeine.

On a different note, I'm excited and scared to embark on my new journey in my alma mater. It'll be a totally new ball game altogether that requires a much higher level of critical thinking. :( ah well, nothing is easy in life. I was looking for a quick and easy shortcut but no such thing. Life after undergrad is tough with decisions to make. Either you want to follow whatever your buddies are doing, be in the same gang again and let their choices influence your decision or you want to break out from that and learn to think on your own two feet. Ultimately it's your choice.

neways... graduation is comin real soon!! Wooo excited to wear the robes, to see my coursemates again, to walk on the stage with d very bersih yellow carpet and to make my parents n bro proud when I receive the scroll. I keep replaying these in my mind haha so crazy. One only graduates once in their lives from their bachelor's degree. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

may the force be with you

Recently I asked one of the youth in my church on when is his next orchestra performance since I didn't go for the last one, and he mentioned he'll be in this production:

I immediately jumped at this chance and told my bro who happened to be a Star wars geek. So yesterday we booked ourselves two tickets to see this!!! Finally, after a while of not seeing a live orchestra since secondary school, I'm going to re-live it again come Dec. Excited!!!! Excited to go to Dewan filharmonic & soak in the atmosphere and also support this talented youth who is a bassoonist in the ensemble.