Saturday, June 12, 2010

June is here ! so that means 3 more months to my trials. Argh! So little time, yet so much to study. Sooooo how're we doing today? hehe long time no blogging till my skills all died edi.

I noticed almost all my blog posts are about studies. It's like my life revolves only around studies. Well I wish! I wish I could be hardworking to really study and not procrastinate. Bleh. I went for a rally @ Assunta recently and the speaker said that studies can NOT be good if God is not in the centre of it. Good point.

Studies aside, F6 on a whole thought me a lot! I learned so so much throughout 10 months in F6. I guess God really wanted me to go into F6 after all. Thankyou Lord. Eventhough studies can be realllllllllllyyyyy killing, but the people I meet, the experiences I learnt is SO much more worth it. :-)

ps: I love the F1&F2s!!!!! SO adorable. Makes me young hehehe.