Saturday, March 29, 2014

Six weeks into lectures and two words; time flies!! Too fast. Can't believe 6 wks have passed and that teaching practical is drawing nearer and nearer. :0 FYI we have not been told on which school we're going to. erm..cepat skit leh tak. Most of my coursemates who do not have the comfort of staying at home need to plan for accommodation & transport. Not an easy task. 

On a diff note, I've always enjoyed the literature classes taught throughout these 3 years. They have helped me probe deeper into my thoughts and feelings, widening my horizons on things I've overlooked or never thought about before. Which leaves me thinking; how is it like in the English dept of the Faculty of Social Sciences? Maybe my thoughts will be challenged and my assignments will prolly be like a three-page essay of an analysis of a novel etc. interesting :) This. this is where my interest lies.

But I'm happy in tesl too. I guess it has grown on me now that i'm in my 3rd year already. oh wells... who knows, i might take masters in Eng lit. ;) 

Just a fragment of my thoughts out in the hot humid air today. Have a good week!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My for-now bucket list of the things to do before I'm frail and can't move a muscle: 

1. Attend a Coldplay concert!!!
2. Compose 4part harmony songs for people to sing
3. Join an a capella group (lol)
4. sky-diving!
5. Attend The Weepies concert!!
6. Form my own band and do wedding/club gigs
7. go on a makan roadtrip with close friends
8. Have a sleepover with my close friends in uni before we graduate :)
9. Dye a streak of my hair bright red or blue
10. Go to africa and see wild animals

That's my bucket list FOR NOW :P it will increase or change. 

happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time flies really fast; I'm in my third year already and next year is Graduation Year and after grad is the time to be an adult and face the harsh world, learn the ropes of communicating with young working adults and expand my perspectives and thoughts. Challenging isn't it, Life. But that's where you learn to be a better person. Cliche but it's true. Each year as I grow older I look back and I see I've matured in different areas and that made me quite happy haha. 

MH370.. the news that shocked all of us. My heavy heart goes out to the families and friends of the 239 people. I cannot imagine the sorrow and pain they must be going through. My prayers to them, the plane and the rescue teams.  

Sunday, March 02, 2014

221b Baker Street

So I've been on to something lately and it's by far one of the best shows I've ever watched in my 23years of life: Sherlock, the series. Brilliant stuff, I can assure you. Mind-blowing, the plot and acting. Yes, the acting!!! LOVE the tight friendship between Sherlock and John, how their paths crossed and became the best of friends; John making Sherlock more human and Sherlock always being there for John. (Til death do them apart really). I have a soft spot for Sherlock and when he shows his emotions, my heart melts. xoxo

I've got so much admiration for the writers of Sherlock and the actors. It's just so good. So, so good! You've got to watch it to believe it. Right now my love for this show is at its maximum capacity and hence I can't pinpoint the exact words to describe how awesome (understatement) this show has been. The descriptions like 'masterpiece', 'beautifully crafted' etc seem quite pale and flaky. Doesn't do justice to the show haha. 

Just brilliant lah this show. love love love it! :D :D :D :D