Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye, and hello.

and there she stood with her head towards the sky
breathing in the laughter from the crowd
the lingering scent of honeydew
the flutter of lights.
And smiled.

Here's to a good 2012. :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the clock begins to tick.

As 2011 comes to an end, I'm still in disbelief as to how it passed by so quickly. Really! I'm not kidding. I can tell you the highlights of 2011 for me that I remembered - MAM comm, stpm results, getting into UM, first experience working, christmas choir...many more events happened but I'll have to think hard hehe. See how fast time flies? Even christmas passed already. And we're stepping into a new year very soon.

2011 has been a good year for me. I enjoyed it because there were a lot of firsts for me, because I saw myself growing, stepping out, learning more stuff, being more open-minded. It wasn't easy but I'm glad I went through it as it made me more..matured I think. :) It was also a year where I had to make some decisions and choices, where I had to think for myself, where I saw how different my perceptions were from my parents and friends which made me grew a lot.

In church, I made bonds with church mates, still serving in a ministry I'm pretty passionate about, worked with a good mentor who indirectly taught me a lot, was inspired by a few & hung out with the kiddos (they're fun to be with ok! made me feel young :D).

At work, I learned lotsa things from boss and colleagues and they're the ones who showed me there is no such thing as office politics. In uni, ah..where to begin? I met so many people from different walks of life, was touched by kind and sincere gestures by some people, was inspired by seniors, made a commitment to serve in the cf committee, made many new friends..uni opened my eyes to many things unseen. Glad to be part of UM, to be part of the vast community that is so different and unique.

I'm thankful and blessed in 2011. :) I'm pretty excited and a lil afraid about 2012 because I feel I'll be stepping out more from my comfort zone and taking on more responsibilities. It's gona be one fun and memorable ride. Sit tight, and hang on to Him! :-)

dear sir...

Dear diary,

Today, my slaves mocked me with a feathery stick. It was oddly tempting. They are messing with my mind. They will not be getting any cuddling tonight. Today I ate a houseplant. Tomorrow I may eat another.


:) I was browsing through a friend's fb status and she posted a link that has the most hilarious stuff innit, like the one above. And a few others below!

Dear Justin Beiber,
Ariel would really love her voice back.
Sincerely, King Triton

Dear icebergs,
Sorry to hear about global warming. Enjoy the karma...
Sincerely, the Titanic.

Dear Edward,
You're doing it wrong.
Sincerely, Dracula.

Dear Cedric Diggory,
Vampires don't sparkle! 20 points from Hufflepuff.
Sincerly, Professor Snape.

Yes they're funny aren't they? Check out You won't be dissapointed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've come to realize something; after entering uni, I sleep mostly past my usual bedtime of 10.30pm. I told that to some of my uni friends and they were aghast. Yeah. You got that right. In a way uni trained me to sleep later. I think this will be useful for the remaining 3 1/2 years here. I've also learned to take power naps of about 20-30 minutes. And believe me, they're not called power naps for nothing. They DO work. Took me that long huh?

Tomorrow is the start of a new day! Time to study. Focus. Try and focus. ;)

I hate to admit it but I'm kinda having post-choir blues right now. oh well. here's to spicy food and chocs!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

this is it.

Blessed Christmas everyone! :) my christmas was awesome, despite waking up at 5.30am =.=" coz we gotta be in church by 6.45am. But of course xianjing and I were late as per usual. =D

As we were singing our last song on stage just now, it hit me at that moment that this was probably the last time we're gona perform, the last time of singing this piece. Four months of tough commitment & coming to practices every week...all for today's performance. All for Him. Worth it? Yep. Definitely. It's also pretty cool how I've gotten to know more people through choir, people I normally just say Hi and Bye. So in a way choir unites people. :) I can proudly say I've made new friends this year. Time to mamak with them. hee

So thankful to Him that He pulled us through and stood by us since Day 1 of practice. Thank you Lord. As I look back now, I see how .. He pieced everything together when sometimes things doesn't seem to be going smoothly, He provided people to sing, He provided the piece, He ... did everything. He was there always.

On a comical note, now I can eat spicy food, have cold drinks and eat chocolate! :) 'Til the next xmas people. For now, Blessed Christmas & hope you had a great one.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

And why so...?

I was having my family dinner at Domino's Pizza today and while waiting for the food to arrive, my eyes followed men clad in the Domino's uniform going in and out, carrying a huge bag that holds all the pizzas, waiting to be delivered. In other words, they're the pizza-delivery men. :)

Some, who were getting ready to deliver the pizzas walked at a very fast pace to their motorbikes because they have a time limit of 30 minutes to deliver. So short right, the time? But that's the rule, that's what satisfies customers coz they want their food fast. But has it ever crossed your mind that these delivery men have very high-risk jobs? In order to send pizzas within 30minutes, they will have to speed their way through traffic- the good, the bad and the worse- to satisfy customers. By hook or by crook, the pizzas have got to be delivered.

And while riding (and speeding), they could meet with an accident anytime, anywhere because they're rushing to fulfil the 30min time slot. Whoa. When I realized that, I was kind of stunned. It's an irony isn't it. Delivering pizzas but your life is on the line every day. But that's what people do for a living, to support families, to make it out here in the city. My heart goes out to them, to those whom I saw today rushing out to their bikes, to those who came back from delivery with exhausted and drained looks on their faces when their helmets were taken off. I wonder what they're thinking of with those expressions...'Oh no not another round of delivery..". "glad i survived that head-on with that car, or else...". "i need rest...".

What a way to end Christmas eve. What a way.

Feliz Navidad

Christmas reminds me of:
1) Jesus' birth! that we sometimes forget and take for granted
2) how time flew like 'the speed of sound' (Coldplay) and 2011 is coming to an end
3) all the past christmases I've had :)
4) presents and chilling time with family
5) choir, drama and carol-singing

Don't wanna be a party pooper but after christmas I've got to hit the books. Time to study for my finals. =( But but, in the meantime, let's all be in the christmasy mood and enjoy ourselves.

blessed christmas my faithful readers!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

could you look me in the eye..

..and tell me that you're happy now?

and they started singing "Glooria..."

I love the picture above. So nice. Feel like doing it
sometime. =p

This week has been busy and relaxing at the same time. Busy because of choir, of christmas dinners and outings. But relaxing because 1 or 2 classes have been cancelled and all, I repeat ALL my assignments are finished and passed up! *big smile* I deserve a golden star. =p

Countdown: 3 more days 'til christmas! *eggcited, eggstatic, eggtastic* hee

Monday, December 19, 2011


And so I came back from youth camp yesterday because I have class today. This year's camp was pretty fun eventhough I'm not a participant :) It was like a mini-break for me amidst uni and studies and other commitments. So it was a good rest to just chill and have fun with the youth. And yeah they made me feel young again! 'twas so refreshing to joke and talk with them :) I've also noticed some who've grown in talent and faith at camp, and it's encouraging.

I'm off to take a short power nap before class. Power naps always work, even if it's only 20 minutes.

Countdown: 6 more days 'til christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

and the fun, begins.

finally, for the very first time in this week, my night today is free from activities. :) When I came backfrom class and I thought about this, my heart skipped a beat. Meaning to say I'm glad and happy that tonight I can just chill and relax and be in my zone. :) Times like these make me appreciate the free time that I used to have. Note the past tense 'used'. Haha

Tomorrow I'm off for my youth camp. This time I'll be there as a helper instead of a participant, just because I'm too old for it. Yep I'm not kidding coz the age limit is 12-19years. But oh well I guess it's sort of like a mini-retreat from the busyness of uni and other commitments.

I can't help but say this every time; 1 more week of lectures and then comes study break, and then exams, and then Sem1 officially ends.

Countdown: 9 more days 'til Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

19days left...

And so, 12 weeks of uni has come and gone. I know I've stepped out of my comfort zone and did things that I thought I wouldn't be doing, and that's because of God :) Although the fear is there, but I told myself I wanna learn and try new things, I wanna be a different and a changed person (for the better la) in uni. And I'm taking small steps which will eventually lead to other things He has installed for me in uni. It's quite scary to be honest, but ... I gota see things from a different perspective, from a bigger picture! <-inspired by the movie Soul Surfer.

This movie is a true and inspiring story of a girl who lost her arm during a shark attack while surfing and how she courageously overcame all odds because of her faith and determination. This movie inspired me greatly in so many ways I can't even write it here. You have to see it to know what I mean. I felt it was a good "closure" for PKV to sum up 2011 :)

Cheers! The remaining days leading up to christmas will be a bit tight because we have four more pracs before xmas comes so I can foresee practices will be a wee bit stressful. But oh well I should enjoy it I think. I'll be narrating about 3 lines hehe. =p

have a nice week.

p/s: 2 more weeks 'til Sem1 is OVER!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Ok. That's it. I'm removing my chatbox because there have been so many spammers. So just click on the "0 threw confetti all over" and comment away! No spammers allowed. This time I can filter my comments.

I'm satisfied today because I've done all my christmas shopping :) See, simple things make me contented.

Here's to more wrapping. =D

Friday, December 09, 2011

taken from facebook. :)

and that's what's more than studies and normal routines.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

"it is done"

Yes that's the beautiful view from my room in uni. :) it's raining though, that's why you can't really see the skyscrapers located all the way back on the picture. But it's a beautiful view. Wait 'til I take a picture at night, then you'll see what I mean :)

A pretty major presentation is up next thursday: Teaching using Linguistics. <- I still haven't got a clue how my group and I (me and 2 other girls) are going to present. Or teach. :O But. i have faith & trust in God to help us do this :) We can do it! yeah.

other than that, everything's going fine. Just slightly busier than usual. But looking forward to the 3-week break after exams. Then there'll be a time of dinner-ing/lunching with peeps. And nothing's gona stop me! :D I need rest. And rest is on its way.

This sat i'm going christmas shopping! Must do it already or else I won't have time. So i'm gona shop for my family and friends :) That means, i'm gona have to spend some extra cash..oh well..once a year so it's worth it? lol yes it is.

bye. have a splendid thursday and friday before the weekends come <3

Saturday, December 03, 2011

"i think she looks like joseph"

haha the statement was made by rachael yapp about a girl wearing stockings who sat cross-legged. i was like whuuut?? lol funniest statement of the week

can't believe we're in Dec already..and I've been in uni for 10 weeks. I mean, December? whoa 11 months passed just like that. I think 2011 is my favourite year :) haha.. And christmas is coming.. after all our hard work since september, us choir members are going to perform in...22days. woot. 4 months of practice just for christmas. Worth it? yeah definitely. More importantly, how God was and still always will be present during our practices, and how He brought all of us through.

I remembered the behind-the-scenes when choosing the christmas piece; spent hours going through loads of christmas pieces, a few discussions jo, a meeting where we had to convince the MAM that this Searching for the King piece is The Thing etc.. a bit stressful at times la I look back now, it's so amazing how He really brought the whole thing together even when sometimes things doesn't look too good. Here I learned about having faith not by sight ;) And we've made it this far 'til today, and that's because of God. Not me, not jo, not MAM, but yeah God.

on a different note prosperity burger from Mcds is back!! YAY *throws confetti*

Thursday, December 01, 2011

What about now?

Let's play pictionary! :)

What I'm feeling right now:

What I feel like doing (!) :