Monday, December 31, 2012

Put the past away.

wahh.. 2012 has come to an end. Still reeling from the shock that 2013 is here. Yep time flies indeed. 

Every time before a year ends, I would journal down and reflect how has that year been, asking myself questions like wht are d significant events tht happened, happy and sad moments, what have i learnt, where was God in '12 etc.. It really made me look back and see how far I've come and how much I've learnt. I'm slowly seeing how God is moulding me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Painful, tough, yes, but I understand it's who He wants me to be. Still learning to, of course :) 

2012, a good year. A year with many significant events (which you can already see from my latest posts haha) and more happy than sad moments. I've also learnt some valuable lessons, learnt that not everyone's perfect, that everyone makes mistakes. all in a year's work. heh. 

2012; my favourite year of all years. Loved it. And now as a new year comes, I shall treasure all memories, people who've impacted me, all the encouragement and meaninful events dearly. Here's me closing 2012 with a grateful and peaceful heart. (Though I wish I could re-live some awesome moments!) Whattado. What has passed has passed. Carpe diem! o yeah. seize the day, peeps.

p/s what a greater way to spend the new year at watchnight service with people who have been significant to me in 2012. muackzzz. lots of love from me to you.

tata '12. twas a great year. *cheers* 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


so many things have happened, but Christmas remained one of the events I look forward to the most. This Christmas has been special, especially the bond among choir peeps. It's been great berbonding with people whom I always hang out with and also with those whom I hardly got the chance to sit down and chat with. It has been a wonderful journey with God and with them. :) 

Here're some pics from friends' fbs & my 'canggih' phone: 

not choir, but tlc caroling. :) twas great singin in 3 houses, n feeling tired, but a good kind of tired. ;p

kisses. Vera, cecil, joyce. youthful ppl tht keeps me young.

now this is TLC choir at Nilai gospel hall for our 'touring'. 

narrators; jenna and i :). we couldn't have memorize our kinda last min scripts if it weren't for God's help.

after our christmas performance. joyce and rach. we hv a whatsapp chat group called Sakai Gurlz. yezzahh

matt and lucy, kawan baikku.

joyee,lucy,cecil, matt & jo. great singing with u all.

the 3 stooges. my fav gurls ;) will miss you when u go to GLO, xian. 

Mr Conductor jo & amie. :) we'll miss you leading us in choir jo! thanks for sharing your gift in music with us. u've inspired many with your talent.

sakai faces

TLC Choir 2012. 

moral of the story: choir brings people together to serve Him bersama. haha. 

Tq God, for everything.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

loved ones

wow 9 more days 'til xmas. soo fast. also, i have 1 more week left until Semester 1 closes. :) soldier on!! yeahh. 

i realized my blog's pretty dry, no pictures and stuff. so here's some pics frm my instagram/phone/ppl's fbs tht i've imported here haha.. these pics are events/ppl i've hung out with recently, that have impacted me in a small, or big way. :) 

regular choir pracs. it's been a great blessing to be in choir and to meet so many different people from all ages. enjoyed the singing, berbonding & grilling frm choir master haha.

-taken frm amie's fb-
meet some of my alto choir members ;) (L): amie, joyce, aunt rosalind, sharon. they're my fellow alto comrades haha.. <3 nbsp="nbsp">

xianjing and su. got to know su better this yr :) cool yf leader, fren, advisor, mcd kawan. haha. XJ and i are close buddies oredi, bt this yr we've gotten closer. my makan+shoppin+hanging out kaki <3 p="p">

taken frm joyce's fb. selyna, rachael, joyce. VBS 2012. it's refreshing to serve with younger ppl coz they remind u of d time when u're their age, and they help u see things in a diff perspective. all my good buddies. love ya gurls <3 p="p">

jenna + joseph. i got to know both of them a lot better this year through choir too. jenna's a nice gal, easy to chat with & who's real and sincere with no facade or front. need book recommendations? find her ;p. joseph, ah the choir head. cool guy, quirky n funny, good teacher + advisor + encourager. tq for all yr insight about uni + life after uni. yes, it's a blessing to meet both of them.

lovely coffee from artisan roast coffee. WORTH IT. Taman tun dr ismail, go google. very nice. :) And beef noodles slurps. first time eating this with some gellatin thingy that is chewable. not bad. worth a second shot.

last but not least, an xmas party at melvin's house, the most recent event. really good food & fellowship with the girls. couldn't ask for more lah.. then got xmas carols lalala! (: and i miss Dianaong + teresalo who's overseas. good to see teresa recently, it was a warm and great catch up. take care u gurls <3 p="p">

that's all. too panjang dy haha. tata for now. :) 

Monday, December 03, 2012

rare gems

I had a good brunch, coffee and good talk with two lovebirds yesterday. Other church peeps were supposed to join us but sobs they ditched me, leaving me with them. Not that I mind but everyone said that I am a lamp post hehe partially true, but the couple didn't feel that way. Anyway, I was encouraged by the advice given, the words they said that made me re-consider certain things and see things from a different perspective, the genuineness they showed...and not to mention how in love they are! awww :') 

It was good getting to know them better. Thanks J&J :) and thank God for people like them who so happened to walk into my life.