Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's a month away to Christmas and I haven't shopped for any presents yet T.T I need to find time and $$$. Anyway lookie here:

A present from a close friend, beautifully wrapped with a Star Wars bookmark. I'm not a fan of the saga but still, that tagline is pretty ingenious. 

This is what's underneath the wrapping:

I've read Pratchett & Gaiman before and I loved their style of writing; witty, sarcastic and full of subtle meanings that I enjoyed discovering. This present was given by a person with a masters degree in creative writing, so I trust her fully that this must have been an excellent read. It's about the coming of Rapture and how someone's misplaced the anti-christ. LoL. On a side note, masters in creative writing?? Wow. That must've been hard but enriching at the same time. 

Anyway... it's already the end of Nov and then Dec and then 2015 ends. What are the things to be thankful for? What are the mistakes, disappointments etc to reflect back on? I always make it a point on 31st Dec of every year to journal down the good and the bad stuff that has happened every year and what are the things I look forward to in the coming year and how I see God in my life. It's good to take time to reflect back to learn and to grow. 

Have a good pre-weekend :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

*gushes 'thank you' and smiles sincerely*

and ya know what, he smiled back too lol.

omg i have so much work and amendments to do, deadline next week, things to settle grr. I hope I can have the discipline to stay on track and to have good time management.

And all in the good name of learning. Meh.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Honestly I can't imagine 2015 is going to end!!! Like huh 10 months passed just like that?? And next year I'll be 1/4 of a 100. =.= 5 more years til the big three-oh. Haiz... for me, adulthood hit the hardest during tht few months before graduation. and even after graduation too. I realized that things are going to be so different. I also realized I'm very lazy and reluctant to meet new people lol. Introversion kicking in too fast. 

Xmas is coming soon, choir is prepping their best, deadlines are approaching for my masters' assignments and honestly I wish there is more than 24 hours per day T.T 

Busy busy, ttfn. enjoy your Novemberr

Friday, November 06, 2015

tee hee. Take it with a pinch of salt. Life goes on, people move on and that's ok, because I move on too =)