Sunday, March 14, 2010

MUET exam is coming ! trials are coming. STPM too ! argh. It's piling up, I tell you. Now's march already, and time is moving fast. March is probably the busiest month for me. But it's ending too, and I gotta catch up with my studies which I have neglected. Econs (ugh gotta start frm scratch), Eng lit(essays and essays and lots of reading between the lines), PA(graphs format & PA1) and History (Asian history-hardest.).

But surprisingly for my History test I scored pretty okay. 57/100. For that test I only studied a lil bit and the rest of it I made up the story, and still I got marks 4 it ! So that's the good thing about history. Imagine if I actually STUDIED real hard for it, I would have gotten way better results.

The same goes for PA econs & Eng lit. I can do this. Nothing's impossible with God. Soon March will go and in comes April. The busiest time of the year is gone ! *phew. Thanks to Him who's by my side always.

CF Camp is tomorrow ! Can't wait. :D

May I study harder (I mean it!) for Form6, and let it not be a burden to me, but a challenge for me to overcome my procrastination/laziness.

Nothing's impossible with the Lord !!!


Saturday, March 06, 2010

busy busy. March is busy time for me! till no time to study. :-( gotta have good time management. bah.