Thursday, April 23, 2015

the 'what could have been' situation

Hello there.. my blogging mojo is slowly slipping away.. ah well, the complexities of life kept me from blogging. Anyway, I saw this particular book quote from Book Xcess on fb tht resonated within me!!

This is so true. It happened a few times and when I stare at the wall, I just go, 'wow' and reflect on the immensity of that line and how well it was crafted. But for 1 minute? nah, i think 30 seconds max.

ok that's all. Dun wana blog about uni life coz it's just classes & thesis yawn. Cant wait to grad man and leave this laidback environment that's making me so damn complacent and comfortable to the point where I feel sluggish and lazy. 

Sometimes I wonder, what wud it be like to be in a private uni like monash, taylor's etc? Coz in private unis, majority are from urban areas, 95% speak really good English & I presume the environment there is more.. hm driven & fast-paced? not sure.

But would things have been different if I enrol there? 

I would not know. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feel free to save this pic to upload on your blog if you feel the same way like I do.

After this begins a whole new chapter in life! Time waits for no man. This new chapter is where the real-ass learning begins. agh. 

The only constant thing right now is change. Inevitable.

Monday, April 06, 2015

I sat in silence in my room,
listening to the whirring of the fan,
appreciating the solitude,
immersing myself in the looming darkness of the setting sun,
replaying today's event & what if's, 
having a conversation with myself - the great turmoil
between the heart & mind.