Friday, June 10, 2011

behind every job

It's my 2nd month at work and I kinda enjoy it. The Unspoken Rule of blogging about work is removed :)

My boss is pretty cool. Whose boss would willingly pick and send you home ? Well it's 'cause he stays in my area too haha, but still. He's an entrepreneur at a young age no kidding, and if I had applied for a business uni course I would be inspired by his work ethics =)

But anyway, it's amazing how God can place me in the most unlikely work place and how He blessed me with a nice boss and generally nice colleagues. So far I've learnt a lot about updating websites (not as easy as it seems!) and I've garnered respect for the brains behind every website built.

To a lay man creating a website may be easy-peasy but heck no! Susah ok. There's web programmers and copywriters and web designers etc who pull the strings together to create a website and from what I've observed, it ain't easy. Stress and eye pain (long hours from staring at the computer screen) are all part of the job. But pay is more than gov. sector of course, and you get to tweak your brain muscles a lot.

Working there has opened my eyes and I will never ever take the behind-the-scenes-of-building-a-website-thingamajiggie for granted.

Maybe if I graduated from uni already I can continue working there! Aha! There's a back-up plan incase all else failed ;) it's a good thought, no? Maybe a higher position la, not as an intern again.



qiandjun :) said...

*throws confetti all over*

Alex said...

Haha. True true. It's lucky to have a nice boss and colleagues. :) All the best!

tien mie said...

Qi: haha. I'm sure u knw the story behind my job :P <3

Alex: aww thanks dude. all the best to you too!