Sunday, June 26, 2011


and for all the other days too. Long tiring day for me today. My first time coordinating the music&arts ministry's small teeny presentation at church. it was a simply thingy but haiyo quite a lot of work put in lah. last minute work and you'll get what you'll get. i was pushed outa my comfort zone to do this instead of being the 'tidak-apa', chillax and complacent one. but I like being in my 'zone'. =( ah well. I was the one who agreed to join the committee, so deal with it! haha (kidding)

anyway all said and done, i'm still thankful for how it'd turned out. It went pretty well so phew PTL. learnt a lot from the music maestro himself too= Jo leong!

* * *
Uni results out out out 2nd week july! Will I remain in PJ or will I leave ?

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