Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ten things :

1) I'm about to find out which university I'll enter tomorrow. Big big milestone in my life, I know.
2) I'm pretty excited and scared about it. Excited because of all the good things that will come and scared because of all the hardship and lessons and painful experiences that's bound to happen.
3) But in all that it's going to be a cool and eye-opening ride that God has planned for me. Thinking about it and which uni I'll go to makes me nervous already.
4) Had breakfast of roti canai with dad today before heading work. 'Twas a good way of starting the day off. Wished my mum and bro would join us, then the breakfast would be complete (:
5) I still gotta improve my driving skills heh. Out of 10, it's probably a 3. And my P License is expiring this month, which means technically I'm a Legal driver woot. But how can a legal driver like me not know how to park properly :P
6) I'm pretty contented with life at the mo, with no rough waves YET. Uni will be a whole new different experience though.
7) Pretty excited about how this year's Christmas will turn out. My first time planning and being in the committee pushes me outta my comfort zone. Life is not about complacency and chilling in your own zone. Gotta get used to that
8) I finally went to the beach after so long. Very very nice, PD beach. Albeit not as clean as other beaches, but still sufficient for me.
9) Still thinking about my uni placement. =/ Argh.
10) Everything's all good.

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