Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the sun comes out anyway

looks like i've not been selected to stay in my collge for next sem. to be honest i'm not worried or bothered at all haha coz im frm pj so i hv a home to stay :) so..wht about applying to 9th collge? they have a very strong choir *wriggles eyebrows* but i shouldn't get my hopes too high, because underdogs can win too.

 anyway, here's my opinion on having auditions. the main reason for it is to know whether one sings in pitch, whereas the secondary reason is to hear one's voice quality, not the other way around like how i tink my previous collge did. in my opinion la haha. 

so henceforth, think wisely as to what the word 'audition' means. :) teehee.

ok project composing black-gospel music for a friend begins.....NOW.

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