Monday, July 30, 2012

a few things together

you know how frustrated/excited you can be when you're trying to decipher intricate chords in an intricately-carved song?

Yeah. :( You THINK you know that chord but actually it's not the original chord. I managed to crack the intro, and half of the verse. but not all. Not to mention the piano part is pretty fast and quite soft, so it's a lil tricky. i've dealt with worse lik jazz music but somehow i feel the chords of this song r within my reach woots.  nonetheless it's a challenge for me, and a challenge I must complete. :P 

here's the vid of that song (btw it's a greatt song. i loved it. thanks Al.):

I have planted a basil plant given by Al too :) it'll be my thing to do during hols; watering and nurturing it. 

Yup i duno what I meant by nurturing it. talking? singing to it? amateur gardening for noobies like me. it's a start.

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