Saturday, September 15, 2012


sem 1 of year 2 has begun! No more being the wide-eyed blur freshie but the more experienced sophomore. i think.;p I have classes every mon-thurs at 8am and it has been a struggle getting up early every day. darn. morning classes are such a pain! :( classes are all right, no biggie. Am looking forward to poetry and everything that has to do with eng lit. :)

i met two juniors who are in courses that a) was my first choice & which i wanted so much and b)i was actually considering of taking. choice a) is of course English and b) is music. haha. talking to them made me asked myself; what if i took one of those courses? and how would things be right now. would i be happy? sad? hmm.

 i was greatly intrigued by what took place in the music course. i heard from one junior that majority are classical pianists with a minority of cellists, vocalists (they hv tht?!) and saxophonists. If I were to masuk, i sure won't fit in classical coz i lost touch.. but maybe under the contemporary/songwriter/hymnic genre if they have? i doubt lah. 

but anyway. i can't help but think what would have become if i were in either two. and to be honest i can't help but feel a tinge of envy+regret because they got what they wanted, something that they loved doing. :/ Im in year 2 and I still have bits and pieces of reluctance in me about my course. hahah i must be wonky. But hey I can't help it. however, tesl has helped me a lot actually. i know i'm innit for a reason, and yup He has plans for me in tesl. dont know what, i shall wait and see. 

have a good week peeps. (: countdown: 10days more 'til Short+Sweet Musical! SO excited because, I think we're pretty good, seeing how far we've come. Yup you've no idea. And some more my first ever musical/music composition I've entered/fixed up! but that i shall leave it for another blog post. 'Ta!

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