Monday, November 26, 2012

It is well.

Last week i had VBS! Vocation Bible School, an event for kids std1-6 to teach them bits and pieces of what Christianity is all about. I helped out in the music dept where we had to teach kids simple dance steps. :) Somehow vbs acted as a getaway for me too from assignments and uni, to just chill ;) had a sleepover at a fren's plce during tht period and it was nice & warm to know her family more, and to talk and relax and chill more. 

this week is a tough week with two assignments to hand in. So for this wk only, i've decided to go home everyday instead of staying in campus to replenish and rest and do assignments, for doing assignments at home is the best. What's more, choir practices are 3times per week :/ we're running a lil' late this year but that's ok. because..

all is good =)

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