Sunday, January 27, 2013

the grinch.

i dislike the red wong lais, firecrackers, fish, bird, tortoise etc whatever that people these days usually hang outside houses during this season.
i dislike the golden-glittered calligraphy stuck on walls.
i dislike the sea of red clothings, decorations etc
i dislike alien music with weird chords and terrible melodies blasting loudly in shopping malls. 
i dislike the formality of going to certain people's houses (people whom i've never seen before/people whom i usually meet once a year/people im not even close with) and do play-acting.
i dislike superstitious people who don't wear black on D-day itself. 
i dislike travelling back and sewing a fake smile on my face to every person i see, forcefully extending my hand and mouthing "happy chinese new year." 

i dislike everything about it. peace out,

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