Friday, May 31, 2013

what can I say, week 14 has finally come and go! Can't believe Year 2 is over. It has been hmm, a not-so-stressful sem except for the remaining last few weeks where I'm thankful I barely escaped. Week 13 and 14 are always the toughest weeks because it's not only where students rush but also the lecturers where they too give last min work. Seriously, whoever said uni was easier after goin through F6 was prolly knocked in the head or something. the level of difficulty of each subject has definitely increased compared to the previous semester. And it shall continue increasing until my final year.

But i'm happy and thankful I survived Year 2! Wow. 2 years already in uni. Doesn't feel that way at all. In these two years I've come to see the true colours of some of my coursemates; some good, some not so. I've also learnt more about myself as each sem goes by. 

So... good bye, Year 2. You were nothing close to special. The only thing worth keeping are memories with my favourite coursemates. I'm glad it's over. I really am. Good riddance, finally. :-)

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