Saturday, August 03, 2013

making it count.

I regret not following up with people I'm supposed to. I don't know, I guess I'm too caught up with my own social life to make time for them. I guess by the time I'm done socializing I'm already tired and have probably forgotten to keep in touch with those i know i should have. 

 I have to really make an effort to make time for them and to build that sincere friendship. I have to quit making promises that I can't keep, like say "jom let's have lunch/coffee sometime" and then not do it. Where is my sincerity in saying that. :/  Yea that's my habit, I say ok let's makan sometime and soon tak jadi. Actually that's what we adults say to each other but don't mean it. It's... the norm to say it I guess.. or how the 'system' goes. Anyway...yeah it's never to late for me to realize this & change. At this age you cannot not think about all these stuff. :0

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