Friday, September 20, 2013

K to the orean

I have a sudden yearning to indulge in korean food again (must be due to runningman influence). The last time I ate Korean was months ago at Little Korea @ solaris mont kiara for a small bday celebration.The food was uhmazzingsauce, prolly the best korean cuisine I've eaten, not like I have it very often oso. But there's something magical about this cuisine that attracts me. Maybe it's the broth, the colours, the spices or whatever that I find it unique.

Below are some korean pics I obtained from Google:

Yes. I love how they put diff. dishes in small bowls. Colourful and inviting. I like their small, fried anchovies. 

Yes again.. spicy octopus. My coursemate Wana whos currently in korea now for student exchange recently had this and she said it was brilliant. *yum*

Another fav is spicy korean soup. I love the aftertaste effect this has, leaving you inhaling for more air to cool your tongue. 

Tteokbokki aka rice cakes in sweet n spicy sauce. Chewy, spicy & filling, this is an absolute must-have when you go for Korean food.

Check out this cool korean food gallery for more delicious pictures. You'll be hooked in no time. 



waiyan said...

sending some love from korea :) hii!

tien mie said...

annyeong! :)